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    Spearfish, SD.
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    Spent two years "at sea", USN, on an Ice breaker in the Arctic from Seattle [AGB-1]and a refridgerator supply ship [AF-60] 7th fleet in 1955-57.
    I am interested in military related "stuff", aircraft, rifles, bayonets/knives, battlefield relics and my 1945 MB Jeep. My wife says.....way too much!

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  1. Worked for me, however I am a real unknowing Jeep owner, 1/10. :( Chuck.
  2. Anybody have a source for the M3 shoulder strap buckle? I can use one. Chuck
  3. Looks nice! How are you going to use it, mount a generator or ? Chuck
  4. DaBomb, your IP is VERY nice and very unique !!!! spagg, your Saginaw would be a great addition to any collection. Chuck.
  5. Any one know of a source of original or new grenade base plugs for the early threaded MK 2 grenades? Thanx. Chuck.
  6. The butt plate is from a Iver Johnson commercial carbine from the time period of 1978-1992. Check out the dot pattern and number of dots, they are identical; www.m1carbinesinc.com/carbine_ij05.html Hope the link works Chuck
  7. The butt plate is from a post WW2 commercial carbine, not USGI. Chuck.
  8. Costa, getting old is sure a positive when contemplating the realistic alternatives. Chuck,
  9. A question; would putting a flexible glue in the broken washers then clamping them so the gap is closed, using a screw type hose clamp, would this diminish the value of the knife? Chuck
  10. Try the Gunboards Forums, They have a sub-forum for semi-auto rifles. Chuck.
  11. Every "complete" M1 Carbine collection should have one. Chuck.
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