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  1. Was recently very happy to find this little badge at a local fleamarket near Dinant Belgium. Where was this DUI placed on the uniform ? Thanks for any informations or period photos.
  2. Doyler and THorin6 thanks for your comments . Fred
  3. Are these NAME tape and U.S ARMY tape correct for Vietnam or are they later ? The coat is DSA 100-70 .
  4. Were these packets parts of the content of the military first aid kit or are they for the civilian market ? The burn injury set probably is military, but the tree "Tabloid" I don't know. Thanks. Fred
  5. What do I have ? Good, bad or fantasy ?
  6. Thanks that was fast. There is a corporal rank on the green side, but I guess this could have been done by an other Marine later on.
  7. I bought this cover years ago and forgot it was named on the beach side. I had it displayed on the green side. Now of course I would like to search the name.But I don't have acces to the Muster rolls. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Fred
  8. I agree GeneralCheese . I will leave it alone. Thanks all for your comments . Fred
  9. Here the Inside view. I coud'nt resist to show off.
  10. Not nylon, I did the burn test. Here's a close up.
  11. What do I have here ? Rare helmet net or fantasy net ?
  12. I have this helmet net for years and I have seen photos of this type in Militaria magazine n°45 (French edition). But never seen period photos of these net in use.
  13. Nobody ? I am not asking about the 3rd army.
  14. When did they start using this type of brassard. Thanks for any informations. Fred
  15. Thanks FortJohn. But what I am looking for is the meaning of the inscription WAAC on my helmet. Fred.
  16. It's a cover for the M1. Too bad those kid's graffiti ruined it.
  17. I see " WAAC " with something on top. Maybe Women Auxiliary Army Corps ? Or it could be Win At All Costs. Do you know of an outfit using that motto ? Same idea as the famous" AAA-0 " Thanks all for your comments and help. Fred
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