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  1. Excellent job.. :twothumbup: ..I wish I had better skills and more time to do work like that!
  2. Those are pretty cool!!
  3. Here is what appears to be a post WWII 29th Division Patch-unknown maker. It looks like the one on page 167 of United States Army Shoulder Patches by Keller. The back is different as you can see the tiny blue hard spots/balls (and there are also white ones on the white side of the rear of the patch) on the thread that make me think its synthetic threads. Also appears to have a mesh backing. Anybody seen one of these before? Thanks
  4. Thanks guys...I never even thought of that...collector's copy. RD...I don't need one but thanks.
  5. Hey guys. I believe this 13th Airborne Division Patch is post war but that is all I know. I never seen one like this before. There is no real border between where the black and blue meet. The bobbin thread on the back does NOT glow but the white backing material does. The patch is stiff, too. There appears to be some glue residue on the but not enough to make it as stiff as it is. What do you guys think? Thanks
  6. Thanks guys ...appreciate the input. kiaiokalewa ...sent you a PM. Kevin
  7. This appears to be an interwar 2nd Division patch. Though I never seen this indian head type. Patch does not glow. What do you guys think? Thanks
  8. Thats a neat item! To bad you didn't win it.
  9. Definitely a great patch! :w00t:
  10. Looks good! I am also curious, what did you use for the sea wall? Kev
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