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  1. Greetings all, As requested here's the reproduction scabbard being offered. And the next image below (with white circles) shows a comparison between the same style of repro (on viewer's left) and an original (on viewer's right). Note the lack of crimps near the mouth of the scabbard in question (red arrow). There are other tells, but due to the seller's poor images this is the easiest one to show. Best, V/r Lance
  2. Greetings Leigh, A tad late to you post, but would concur with everyone else's assessment on the pair being wholly original. It does appear the "U.S." surcharge was removed for any number of reasons why. Many folks believed (back in the day) if there was no "U.S." marking then it was no longer government's property and "demonstrated" that it had been released/surplused off. Also, the "Jewell 1918" stampings on the the scabbards run deep to faint. Like Skip mentioned, a magnifying glass/loop may bring out the details better (look alongside the scabbard's stitching for the stampi
  3. Well if the seller is internet savvy, send them this link https://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/196382-m1918-mk-i-trench-knife-comparing-originals-to-your-“suspect”-knife-thread/page/4/ and direct them to the seventh post from the top of the page. Posted about this fake back in 2016. If that doesn't cause them pause, then there's no convincing them otherwise. Best, V/r Lance
  4. Skip is now taking and posting his own images? What sorcery is this? Best, V/r Lance
  5. Greetings, These contraptions/contrivances have been around since 2016. Initially, they were imported from the United Kingdom and were often made from surplussed Swedish Mauser carbine M94/14-bayonets & scabbards. Back in 2016, these were pretty much confined to UK auction houses. But over the last two years they have been coming out of Thailand with just the scabbards being original Swedish surplus and the blades being newly made. Not sure if they came to the UK from places in the East or if their manufacturing migrated from Europe to the East as original Swedish bayo
  6. Greetings all, Kind of surprised we never heard back from the original poster in terms of providing more images of this questionable knife for further evaluation/discussion. Well today, I viewed this link and my pea brain finally figured out why the original poster's subsequent "radio silence." https://annapolismaritimeantiques.com/products/trench-knife-u-s-1918-lf-c-1918-intact-with-original-finish?utm_source=attic.city&utm_medium=link&utm_campaign=shoplocal For only $1295.00, you could be the owner of this not original knife. And yes, it's exact the same knif
  7. No sweat, I possess a few ahem....lessons learnt myself😪. And those experiences were the instigation for the creation of my Frankenspike's thread. While not a post WWI creation, a few weeks ago while online, I viewed what was listed as an "unmarked" M1918 (wooden handled L. F. & C. variant) and just as I was about to purchase it (an inner voice said, "look again."), I then realized someone had simply cut off the guard's/Knuckle bow's extension where it would have been trademarked/surcharged. So while it was in fact an "unmarked" example; a more apt description would have been to refer to i
  8. Greetings, Biggest red flag for me is the “1917” marking visible on the inside of the knuckle’s bow. That marking just so happens to be in the exact same location that it appears on a set of reproduction handles (see compared image below). True, the “U.S.” surcharge is not present on the knife you have posted, but the “1917” serendipitously appears in the exact same place, which for me is enough of an indication that the posted knife is less than 10 years old. Perhaps, the “U.S.” was filled in, ground down, and refinished/re-blued. The “1917” fonts are ever so slightly different, w
  9. It isn't a US piece, it's a Romanian AK Bayonet Frog. Best, V/r Lance
  10. Some additional threads of similarly marked (& hokey bladed) WD/Pheon knives. Likely, all born from the same "artiste." Njoy, V/r Lance https://www.greatwarforum.org/topic/216067-us-1918-trench-knife-with-wd-markings/
  11. Greetings, Blade is definitely from a reproduction and not like those made by L. F. & C. (specifically, the blade's ricasso area is clearly indicative of a known repro), but I will hold off on judgement of the handle's originality. Picture's-wise, I would request an image in which we may view the entirety of the handle/knuckles in order to see their overall shape/proportions. That said, British Broad Arrow/Pheon marks are a typical "tell" placed on reconstructions/fakes, which IMHO are used to distract potential buyers with something to focus on instead of the knife itself. Whi
  12. Greetings Rocco, Book only mentions a "V" on the crossguard being one of the (many) quality control inspector's marks. However, there was no mention of the "V" being on the handle, as such, I dunno. Agree with earlier posts. Someone "jazzed" up the knife by plating it. Have viewed WWI US wooden handled knuckle knives and bolos treated similarly by chrome/nickel plaiting so when hung on the wall to support one's service/war stories or presented as gifts; they were less "plain" in appearance. With the knife's "England" import mark, it was an "affordable" knife when it came in to the
  13. According to Flook's aforementioned book, mould numbers 1,2, & 3 have not been directly/conclusively tied to the other (three) subcontracted manufactures' names who cast them. Best, V/r Lance
  14. According to page 118 in Ron Flook's Book available here https://www.knifemagazine.com/product/the-fairbairn-sykes-fighting-knife-and-other-commando-knives-by-ron-flook/ the mould number "4" indicates a handle produced by the subcontractor Wolverhampton Die Casting Company Limited. According to Flook, that company was born in 1919 and went out of business in the 1990s. Best, V/r Lance
  15. Greetings Gents, Here are some of the auction's images. eBay removes pictures/images after 30 days from an auction's closing, which makes threads like this useless (in the long term) unless pictures are posted while they are still available. Links are nice when they are active, but when stale..... not so much. Best, V/r Lance
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