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  1. popping this up....great pictures, especially the Harley's and Indians! ❤ anyone come across American bicycle photos? I've been looking for period photos of the Columbia military bicycle. Would bicycles have been marked in any way? Unofficially or officially?
  2. Garand receiver #2517, there is a hit from the Springfield Research books....the date was 02/07/1939, 3rd infantry Ft Sam Houston. Nothing else indicated....I tried a Google search and got a lot of info, just wondering if anyone had some more specific info on the 3rd at Sam Houston during this time. Thanks! Chad
  3. Nice lot! Sorry I can't help with your question, but I'd be interested in some of those for sure!
  4. It is very unfortunate. I don't really understand why people do this....just plain greed I guess.....I also don't really care who that upsets. I'm a bit more partial to this because I also have an album from my great grandfathers tour there in the Navy and shanghai, and I just couldn't imagine who could break up the set.....
  5. My grandfather was a 2nd Lt....his 214 lists a pin....so we're they given them, but not worn? Just confused......
  6. 2nd pic in the first set....the hill behind looks like Bellows, doesn't it?
  7. My great grandfathers is number 2062, the mini with it is unnumbered.
  8. A friend of mine just posted up a bunch of pictures of Hawkens Battery on Facebook. Great to see more pictures! Being raised in Hawaii, we would go and look at the various public accesable ones frequently, and get friends with dads in the military to take us on base......
  9. At this point he was a Captain.....Harvey E. Overesch. I believe he retired as a rear Admiral. He served in WW1, WW2, was Comandant of Midshipmen at Annapolis in 42-43, he also played football at Annapolis for the Navy in 1915(I think thats the date)....
  10. Here are the citations, classified and nonclassified versions.....
  11. Here is my great grandfathers group.....I have his papers that go along with the LOM....just gotta dig them out.... The bottom row (tags, Naval Academy ring, the 3 medals and his sword) have recently turned up.
  12. Great thread! My great grandfather was Captain of the USS Cuyama in '37. I just finished reading a book called "An American in China" a great read. It's awesome to see all these medals for this period. Thanks a million for sharing.
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