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  1. Sometimes you want to believe something because it suits you to believe it. In this case though, the evidence seems to point clearly to Aussie made covers being a genuine thing. when considering this, consider also the camouflage garments produced by Britain to be used indiscriminately amongst the Army cut HBT suits so common in the late summer of 44 in the ETO. They were I believe a drill type material rather than hbt and were amongst an inventory of locally made items, mostly web gear, that were plentiful enough to write a whole book about ... quite literally. It is therefore hard
  2. Given the apparent dearth of M55 body armour, In particular For the brawnier individuals amongst us, is there a cottage industry producing these to a good standard? Ive heard of one fellow but he seems to have taken a sabbatical. anyone any leads?
  3. For as much as I know that usaf were not given to the use of SSI, its also not unknown. Any evidence of MAAG Vietnam patch being used by USAF?
  4. That's cleared that up... many many thanks..looks like the credit card is about to take a bashing.... Anyone doing correct dungarees for less than 85 bucks?
  5. I don't doubt the use of brown rufouts but black ones??
  6. I've been a little beguiled by the black smooth out capless boondockers offered by SM wholesale but was unsure how much use these would have seen during WW2 as I have long thought from photos that there were low quarter black shoes issued for wear with blues/ whites and rufout boondockers identical to usmc except for nxsx numbers for wear with dungarees. Is anyone able to set me straight on this, I'm shortly going to be springing for ATF boondockers which look dapper with corded soles and sunburst tread pattern but whether to go for the SM type too is what I have yet to determine based on
  7. Looks like the style modified for op dragoon in Aug 44, including the bare bit at the neck where troopers wearing cardboard boxes on their head stood and got sprayed wearing the uniforms black and green. Easy enough to reproduce, I've done it authentically myself some years ago
  8. Have ordered one each brownside and greenside. Happy days. Again thanks
  9. Josh, you TROOPER!!! the Carhartt Hayden jacket is exactly what I have been talking about. I need look no further. d delighted
  10. Well it has no value to a collector or a historian other than a curiosity. Arent they over $500? Crazy money frankly. I still felt it was worth just raising.
  11. Thanks Ian, yep those are the ones I was talking about. Just really fancy one in ww2 US. Someone can surely do it......
  12. I was interested to see a very passable looking M42 paratrooper jump jacket on ebay being made by the ' billionaire boys club' it is in modern multicam and as such quite quirky. Searching on any of the relevant terms should bring up the auction. Not for me particularly but worth a muse here.
  13. I am after a short pullover parka, the type with a hood, half zip and internal chest/ external low kangaroo pockets. They are about in olive and woodland, flecktarn and splinter etc but I really would like someone to make me one in WW2 hbt puppy paw camo. Does anyone know where or how I might get such an item made to my spec?. I did contact ATF but not unsurprisingly did not get a reply as it is proper custom work. Anyway, I can muse all I like but somewhere there is someone with the cloth and hardware and the expertise to do it. Any leads?
  14. wow thanks. SAC it is then. really excited because I have just scored a liner for it in large long. the silver and black tabbed shade 509 one I have is unissued and staying bare The other patches on my og one are replacements to shadow areas so no clues about the original owner.
  15. I have a very nice black label Alpha industries OG107 USAF Sateen jacket with the shawl type collar. insignia is all in except for the ghost of a standard shield shaped patch on the left pocket. it is of a size consistent with twill rather than full embroidered types. now, given the practice of majcom patches only often in force t that time I am thinking that one of my twill SAC or TAC patches needs to fill the void left by the original patch. whilst SAC would be my preferred option, were SAC patches ever worn on the left? mostly they seem to be on the right.
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