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  1. The photo is from a recent auction. Can anyone identify the first ribbon in the second row?
  2. That's a Balfour mark from early 1960s.
  3. And all three of his ATC half wings are bad (at $125 each!).
  4. Here is one at the Smithsonian. https://airandspace.si.edu/collection-objects/badge-pilot-airmail-bob-shank
  5. I know Gemsco manufactured ribbons and mounts, but I don't know if they manufactured medals. Is the plate with the pin a replacement piece?
  6. I usually don't collect medals, so could I please get your opinions on this one? I not seen one before with a Gemsco N.Y. marking on the broach. The plate with the pin is round on one end and square on the other, and it is slightly misaligned. The devices on the front appear to be vintage, although the V device should be in the middle of the two stars instead of on the viewer's left.. Any thoughts? Thanks.
  7. Here is a photo showing part of the corrosion. Both sides of the medal are covered with small spots of corrosion. I have been able to remove a lot of it, but I think a professional service is needed to restore the medal.
  8. I did not post photos because it is identified but it is not militaria. My question is how do you find a professional service that could restore the medal.
  9. I recently acquired a badly corroded medal that has Medallic Art Co N.Y. incised on the rim. I get the impression it was in a fire and had been stored in wet conditions. How can I find a professional conservator who could refurbish it? There have only been about 50 of these awarded since 1968, and it's a rare honor. This medal is not militaria, it is an award from a professional organization for contributions to engineering. I may have a factory leftover or reject from initial production of the medal. I don't collect coins or medals like this, so I don't know how to go. Thanks!
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