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  1. hello guys i am looking for some photos or crew info on this great ship my grand pa was on this warship in ww2 i have found some photos online though no crew info i even have my grandpa's navy uniform he used in ww2 :thumbsup: here are some of the photos i came across online the attached photos are from my grandpa's ww2 photos i scanned
  2. thank you for posting the photos very neat to see the old naval pilots in action :thumbsup:
  3. Pictures below are from my photo gallery YOU CAN GET MOUSE PAD with P-38 ON IT HERE!! ITS SWEET i HAVE IT My online store Where you can Buy photos mouse pads shirts cups etc
  4. here is aphoto from my photo gallery i have other P40 pictures i just need to find them
  5. i have never seen a T-6 texan with this kind of engine befor
  6. it would be neat to find out how to make my own models! from the start
  7. some more photos of my FLEET eheh
  8. here is a photo of my two 1:18 scale model tanks plus my smaller onces in the background and my collection of old bullet casings very soon i am goto get some more 1:18 military gear right now i am little bit low on extra space eheh (models) M60 Sherman (smaller onces) Sherman Panther English light tank US Light tank
  9. i look for model kits that i dont have to paint lol all i have to do is put them together same picture just bigger!
  10. here is a little picture of my 1:18 scale model airplanes! Mig15 F104 TBF\TBM Corsair P51D P-38
  11. i have some nice old guns i got here onces a springfield 1891 45-70 trapdoor the other is a mauser K98 Model 1903
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