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  1. funny, I found one in Belguim and I thought the same way, I got home a few days later and there where 6 of them on Ebay. They seem to come and go online. Nice patch and good to go.
  2. I have seen this tab when it was bought, it nothing like the copies coming out.
  3. It is not SHAEF when it's blue, Its the US Army Europe, or USAEUR in blue, the SHAEF patch is black, and only black. USAEUR is still used today.
  4. Kalka still makes them today. They are just not worn. I ordered some last year.
  5. I can only agree with this 110%. Photos do not show all, get the hands on feeling for a patch when ever you can.
  6. nice patch, and yes I have seen it worn.
  7. The only airborne tab that I know of that went over the 84th Div was a blue and white one, I have not seen too many uniforms with that combo but never a red white one on a Id'ed uniform. Matter a fact I never used to see them together until one patch book came out with a re and white over the patch, then all of a sudden they were like that in every book.
  8. Ok, this one has me stumped anyone have any ideas??
  9. Just like what everyone said, it's real but just a mistake.
  10. Glad to see that your in good health Dave, stay safe, hope your back in Germany someday.
  11. The OP has put this patch up for sale on ebay as a German or Japanese made example. Got to love it when people come in here to find out what items are to put them on Ebay. Whatever.
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