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  1. Excellent collection and display Dexter. Vern
  2. Thank you Big John for your comment- sorry for the delay in responding to you. Here are some more pictures. The Glider wings are sewn onto the jacket. It would be interesting to find out who was Richard Howard; he also owned /used this jacket- the tag is in the inside pocket of the jacket and indicates the jacket was made a year before Varsity in the United States. Howard is not in the WW2 glider pilot listings- maybe a tow or regular pilot?? Does anyone have the squadron that Keever flew with?? I know that many of you have access to incredible sources of references and are fantastic mil
  3. Thank you very much for the information Kadet. I appreciate reading your posts. Best of luck collecting. Vern
  4. This is a uniform that I have had for some time. I believe that it belongs to Ellis S. Keever who was a glider pilot from Lakewood, Colorado and made one assault over the Rhine. Interestingly, a tailor label in the pocket identifies the jacket as initially belonging to Richard J. Howard. However these faded partial numbers on the interior the jacket - K- 2139. and T 132139 might be partials to Keever. Would someone happen to have access to the serial number for flight officer Keever? I truly appreciate your help with this. Have a great day. Vern Shattuck
  5. Very good Navy flag information Dexter- keep up the good work. Vern
  6. Hello- I have just come upon another badge like the one described in this article in June 2019. Is this for sure considered to be a Gemsco reproduction?? Many thanks for your help. Vern
  7. Thank you aznation for your help with this question. Best of luck to you in your collecting. Vern
  8. Thank you very much Beast and Aznation for your helpful information. Best of luck to both of you with your collecting.
  9. Thank you very much for the suggestion Mr. Hunt. I will do that. Vern
  10. Hello - I wonder if someone in the membership might help me. I am trying to find out what unit WW2 vet James L. Dovicsak might have served in during the war. He was wounded twice in WW2, received the bronze star and was from New Jersey. Many thanks for your possible help with this. Happy collecting. Vern
  11. Hummm- I have seen a similar type of engraving on other medals - it is definitely not official. At one time a similar type of engraving was associated with some rip off military seller. The other parts of your grouping are really nice.
  12. Incredible story. Thank you for posting.
  13. Outstanding. Thanks for posting.
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