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  1. Just visited these memorials 8 NOV 19. Really needed to see them again. Many Vets making there way out to see them. AZ Abn
  2. No Go on poncho liners at Quantico BX. I was just there 1 JUN 19 and didn't see any. Not much field gear there. AZ Abn
  3. AZnation, thank you for including the obituary. 57 yrs old, way to young to die. Cause of death not listed. He should be enjoying his family and retirement. Sad, RIP Harry.
  4. Wow, I was reading this thread and realized I was in the USAWC with Harry during 2004-2005. Sorry to hear about his death. I knew him from the hallways, library and big blue bedroom (auditorium) at AWC. He liked to ask lots of questions and he was known as a "spring butt". Most likely he started out in Infantry and later due to injuries transitioned to Ordnance. I remember he had a pronounced limp in his walk most likely from wear and tear and damage to his body (hip/feet) from the Infantry and Abn communities. Does his obituary list any cause of death? I wonder if his death can be
  5. This is what I know, I spent multiple tours in Korea over 3 different decades, 80s, 90s, 2000s. Did not receive any of these from the Patriots and Veterans Assoc during 80s or 90s. During my 2005 - tour, the Korean Patriots and Veterans Assoc annually gave these to USFK. USFK would break down to components, components would distro down thru DIV, BDE, BN, right down to individual service member. At least with the Army, normally received once a year, the 1SG would get a bunch of these and he would distro them down to the Soldiers. I often went dumpster diving and found
  6. When I lived in northern New Jersey and knew I was entering the Army I went over to the Hostages ticker tape parade in NYC 30 JAN 81. I knew I most likely would not live in that part of the US again and I most likely would not have this opportunity again. Now 34 yrs later I was right. Don't regret heading over for the parade and it was colllddd standing on the street in NYC. AZ Abn
  7. Team, Yes it is a MP DUI, the DUI for the 728th MP BN. Most likely Korean made, not a very accurate representation, but close. 728th MP BN was in the Korean war and stayed many years in Korea located in Taegu. Under the USARPAC transformation it went to Hawaii, with a Company staying in Korea. Ultimately elements of the BN went on to Iraq and back to Hawaii at Schofield. Best, AZ Abn
  8. TreasureHunter, The facts would seem to point that way. AZ Abn
  9. Old Marine, your eyes are still good, yes it is Korean. Translation: Line 1 : Major, last name Line 2 : US Marine Hope this helps, AZ Abn
  10. I remember this Soldier' name from the mid 1970s when I was a boy growing up. I got a men's magazine (not porno) and they had a interview with him in it. If I remember, he was the CSM US Army Special Forces. He talked about life in SF and operations they were involved in the mid 1960s. When I saw the helmet I immediately thought it was him. Wow! AZ Abn
  11. Beautiful. I was on the ground during Just Cause and made extensive trips thru numerous areas in support of missions. If I knew then what I know now. Would have picked up more items ( I remember being in barracks they were cleaning up and there were piles of uniforms. I remember being in PDF officers offices and their uniform was on a pile on the floor where they dropped it as they changed into civilian clothes to xfiltratre thru the other civilians. I got lots of items and have sold some, will get back on ebay and sell others. I was in the PDF PAO office an
  12. Very interesting. Most likely would have been worn w/o LBE. If worn w/LBE the pockets would have been covered by the LBE and operationally would have made it difficult/impractical to take out mags. Would be interested to hear if anyone saw this in use or knew of use? AZ Abn
  13. As a point of clarification, it is the 118th MP CO (ABN), not 118th MP BN (ABN). AZ Abn
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