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  1. Can anyone identify this? I believe it may be an oxygen regulator for a high altitude or space helmet. Many thanks.
  2. All of the hoses that I pictured are Darling hoses. I was really just wondering if anyone knew when they stopped stamping the date into the plate, and when they started molding the date into the rubber.
  3. Okay... that sounds a little creepy. I’m talking about manufacturing dates. It appears early hoses had the date stamped on the com. plate and nothing molded in the end. They then appear to have gone to ink stamping the com. plate and molding their name in the end. Lastly they stopped dating the com. plate and molding the date in the end. Does anyone have any thoughts or any ideas on when these changes took place?
  4. Hey Pete...those parts and pieces look like they came out of one of those white US civic helmets. It's the German helmet that has my attention though.
  5. I’ve had this helmet in my collection for years, but the one strap always bugged me. It seems so narrow. The stamp is 282A. Anyone have any thoughts? Many thanks!
  6. Don't give up now!.....you've come too far. You have the parts...um...just put them together???
  7. Normally I use a pair of round nose pliers spread open, and that works great. If it is that tight, you may make out better making a wrench. Those holes are a bit shallow and I'm guessing will bugger up quick.
  8. I always find these cross over helmets interesting. This is not only an Air Force helmet, but an MB-4....with Navy squadron markings. Thought it would spark some discussion.
  9. This helmet is a bit generic, but I thought I would put it up anyway. I was hoping someone might recognize the markings or maybe have some insight into a possible squadron. Many thanks.
  10. That's the best run down on the HGU-48 I've read yet Ron...the "best of" article is a bit confusing. I have to give kudos to you guys that caught the helmet was an HGU 48. I watched the helmet and never noticed it was an HGU 48.
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