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  1. Definately a repo. Here is an example of a real one:
  2. I forgot to add the following two patches:
  3. F50lrrp

    B-36 photo

    In Aug '67, Project Rapid Fire (B-36 Provisional) was created. Project Rapid Fire used the same Mobile Guerrilla Task Force of BJ 31 plus the one used for BJ 32 (TF 966), which had come from A-304. They also got 20 LRRPs from various Infantry units, e.g. 1st, 9th, 25th Inf, 11th ACR, & Lt. Inf. Bdes. A-303 was redesignated A-361, and A-304 was redesignated as A-362. A-302 continued to run operations as a Mike Force separate from the Mobile Guerrilla Forces and separate from Project Rapid Fire (B-36 Provisional). In May '68, all the Mike Forces and Mobile Guerrilla Fo
  4. F50lrrp

    B-36 photo

    I own a print! This soldier and I served in Long Hai, RVN together.
  5. F50lrrp

    B-36 photo

    Here is a photo of a B-36 soldier wearing a very rare ball cap!
  6. The Paramarines were disbanded during WWII! The Recon Marines (Force Recon) and other continued to become Parachute trained at Fort Benning to this day. After completing Army Jump School, the Marines are issued Army Parachute wings. When they return to the USMC they must complete additional Parachute Jumps to qualify for the Navy/Marine Corps Wings.
  7. Heres one Paramarine patch that I picked up last week.
  8. Here is a USMC Paramarine Patch that I just bought. It has a white gauze back and passes the UV Test: What do you guys think?
  10. :w00t: All, I had the honor of having Major Bo Gritz (later LTC) as my detachment commander when I served wi the Third Mobile Strike Force Command (B-36)! James "Bo" Gritz was born 18 Jan 39 in Enid, Oklahoma, and raised by his maternal grandparents. His dad, Pilot-Lieutenant Roy L. was killed in World War II. Bo was born to be a warrior and was in uniform through Cub, Boy, Explorer Scouts, Cadets, and into camouflage as an Army Paratrooper, Ranger, and Green Beret. Bo spent 22-years in the military rising through the enlisted and officer ranks. He served as a Green Beret commander in Sout
  11. :w00t: The 5th SFGA operated a jump school at Dong Ba Thin, RVN! Two of my LRRP Company members and I graduated from it in 1968. Mike Soetaert
  12. F50lrrp

    Name Tapes

  13. :thumbsup: My brother, Bob, enlisted into the Army in 1966 and after completing Basic at Fort Ord, he was sent to Fort Devens for ASA training. He was initially trained as a slow speed Morse Interceptor. Bob applied for OCS and was given a class date, so he became un-deployable. The Army changed their policy about allowing HS graduates to be eligible for commissions. Bob was placed into a holding company and attended fast speed Morse interceptor and Hanoi Dialect Vietnamese training. After not being deployed for a almost a year, my brother signed a waiver allowing him to be deployed. Bob
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