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  1. Check local Ordinances re: legality of the M1 rifle and carbine. They might be legal in the State but a city can still have an Ordinance. I've run into this in MA.
  2. Respectfully Paul, that is not an M1911A1 training aid/holster form It is an M1911 example
  3. WWII era hooks would be parkerized steel. However, Brass hooks do not mean that the sling would not have been used in WWII; it would have simply been "old stock" that was issued in WWII. I have not heard of the brass parts being bronzed; that would seem like an extravagance.
  4. The range issue referred to was M1 ball, and related to characteristics of the design overall, but not excluding increased longer-range energy retention due to bullet shape. I do not know where the confusion comes from regarding M2 possibly being boat tailed; I did not state that M2 was boat tailed. Thank you for info about the other pages.
  5. I can see the image. I can also see that the M1 shown was not ball, and that the other page shows what appears to be boat tail rounds. I cannot tell if you're showing that M1 ball was not boat tail or what; information on the other page seems possibly related. My understanding was that M1 was causing problems in training due to the distance it could travel, in part because of the boat tail.
  6. According to my reference, Cal .30 M1 cartridge used a boat tailed bullet. M2 is flat-based, so is M1906.
  7. ~43 inches? Might seem that way. But I am not talking about a toddler. Consider that an M1 carbine is only about 6" shorter. When I was a child I had a full scale M16 toy. Was no problem for a ten year old. A real M1917 was considerably shorter than this, that is true, but 'child sized' also takes into consideration of more than just the length. Like the height of the tripod, which only features elevation, looks like. About 14" from leg to leg. Compare to a man-sized example in the other photo. Yes, I am aware that there was more than one tripod height. But that's a nice height for a kid t
  8. Like Eddie Cochran said- that's something else
  9. I am sure Costa doesn't mean to be so aggressive and simply has the caps lock button on.
  10. Respectfully, I do not believe the lower handgaurd retaining clip to be WWII vintage.
  11. I am only posting to clarify that when I state "The comments by some of the people on those and related videos" this means the people who comment on videos, not the people shown in videos. YouTube has a "comments" section which functions as a forum. The comments are remarks made about the videos. Garandomatic, you have nothing to remotely feel a need to apologize for. Moving on... One of these M1s would, for many collectors I should think, occupy a place in the history of the M1 rifle, and would be valuable additions to many collections.
  12. I feel very sure that you chose to take offense at what I posted. Pardon me, but you are on the one hand telling me how wrong I am when you do not even know which comments I refer to and therefore you are making gross assumptions in describing my statements as "opinions", and on the other, you're mocking what you feel is a lack of knowledge on my part because I use my "opinions" to identify misinformation on youtube. I stated that some comments were misinformation. Not all, not yours, not any particular person's and not the video itself. You may feel it is my obligation to start copying a
  13. More wisdom in it than you think, though. When a bunch of people get together and they don't know what they are talking about, some truly bizarre "facts" are born.
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