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  1. I got it at the Voyles knife show that was in Pigeon Forge, TN over the weekend. I collect Camillus so usually check the maker & date on these. I bought it because of the no date and paid for 22.00 for it. I figured for that it was worth trying to find out if it was a rare one of a kind million dollar find of the century.
  2. I just picked this up at a show over the weekend. I've never seen one of these knives without the date code. I'm sure it's very new manufacture. Is this uncommon or is this how they are marked now. Thanks for any info
  3. Hello, I can't find any information on these, I can only find 4 ball & 1 tracer in links, but not all tracers. They are 55 WCC head-stamped. Does anyone have any idea what and why? Thanks!
  4. Picked up from ebay 7-8 years ago, just thought it was someone's creation. I can't find any other markings on it.
  5. According to Goins' Encyclopedia of Cutlery Markings the 3 line hyphenated NEW-YORK was used 1915-1918 and the 4 line began in 1919. I have 5 different WW1 era Camillus pocket knives - the small rope type w/ manicure blade, the 3 blade Signal Corps, the Signal Corps electricians, the Marlin Spike, and the "Red Cross" knife. All these have the 4 line marking. I'm certainly no expert on anything, but I'm betting the 4 line started sometime before 1919 and yours is in that transitional period.
  6. Is there anything about this knife that's "original"? Unless I'm confused, it's a post Vietnam blade. I don't know enough about the 1918's to tell if it's original but I have my doubts about it as well. http://www.ebay.com/itm/121039974697?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1438.l2649
  7. Here are 3 different - I also believe them to be post war commercial.
  8. Hello, I picked this up at the Parker's Greatest Knife Show on Earth yesterday. I've had dozens of these over the years but this is the first Ulster I've ever seen - didn't even realize they made them for the military but confirmed it in Mike Silvey's book "Pocket Knives of the United States Military" I found it unusual that it has a carbon steel bail. Does anyone know what years these were made and in what numbers? I have to assume these are more scarce than the other makers. Right?? Thanks
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