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  1. Yes, I read somewhere that the vet had to ask the NARA whether they were elgible for this award. He served in 1968 so it wouldn't show on his separation paper. Whenever I ask NARA for a replacement set of awards for the vets, I always ask them to determine if they are elgible for any foreign awards. They don't replace foreign awards but they can determine what they earned. I have been helping WWII vets with displays and so many had no idea they could get the actual medals. The military needed the brass for shells, so they were given only the ribbons, except for the decoration (Purple He
  2. Thanks for the reply(s). I'll look at his DD-214 and see what it says. Was going to surprise him with the display but he needs to work with me to see what his records say. He's my brother-in-law--I was Army, he was a Marine, so he has always treated me with some good hearted distain.
  3. Heck, I couldn't even find it in all my patch books--you get an A+
  4. I'm helping a Marine who served in the 11th Marine Regiment in 1968. I researched that unit and found the 11th Marine Regiment was awarded the Vietnam Gallantry Cross for that time period. Please correct me is this is wrong, but I believe, since it was awarded at the Regiment level, it would include a small bronze star. Since his unit earned this award while he served, would he be entitled to the Gallantry medal or just the ribbon? I know this is a foreign award, so please remove the post if it doesn't belong. Thanks
  5. On the 67th Armored Regiment AARs beginning June 6, 1044, it gives locations like LAMINE, FRANCE (T644749). When I try to locate Lemine, France I find that it is no longer on maps or even if I Google it. Is it possible to get a Normandy map that I could locate this coordinance? Thanks
  6. Thanks Rusty. Looks like a lot of good information and knowledgeable members here--hope I can be an asset.
  7. My oldest brother George, passed two years ago- he was 94. Served in the Navy as a gunners mate on LCT 221. He was in the invasion of Sicily. Salerno, Anzio, and delivered wounded from the LST's from Normandy to England. Oscar was in the 67th AR of the 2nd Armored Division from N. Africa to Berlin, then joined the Air Force and participated in the Berlin Airlift. He drowned in 1950 in a boating accident. Robert was a heavy mortar crewman in the 334th IR, 84th ID later in the war and stayed in Germany on Occupation duty. He passed about five years ago. Henry was with the Army Air Force
  8. I must have registered before but for some reason didn't introduce myself. I live north of Seattle near the Canadian border and have been active on the WWII Forums for quite some time, and love military history. I had four brothers in WWII (I'm the youngest of 11) two brothers during the Korean War and I served just before the Vietnam fiasco. Thanks for having me in your group. Geezer
  9. Was wondering if anyone has a copy of the General Orders of the 334th IR of the 84th Infantry Division. Mainly concerned with anything between January 1945 and May of 1945. I'm trying to prove that my brother earned a CIB while attached to Company "D" of that Regiment. I could have it researched but it gets pretty spendy. Thanks, Geezer
  10. Thanks, I'm getting behind on my letter writing (the spring honey-dos are cramping my research) but I will see what they say. Hope they read English because I sure can't write French. Love your name--that's what we call my nephew's boy-he just got out of the Marines.
  11. This is what has me confused. It appears there were only 216 men awarded under Decree 1577, 1945. The Belgian Government gave a blanket award of the Fourragere w/colors of the Belgian Croix de Guerre to the entire 2nd Armored Division. This particular Decree doesn't state the unit the men were in but the whole division helped to liberate Belgian and there was about 15,000+ men in the 2nd. Some of the other Decrees do give unit number. The Decree seems to do the same as US Army's General Order for a particular unit--they list the awards presented to the men covered in that GO. But wit
  12. Tom, After looking more closely at the two different Croix de Guerres, my brother's Knights Cross and Croix de Guerre have the stialized "L" and not the <III> emblem. Dave
  13. I didn't know there was an Association--thanks. I'll start there. I have received more information on who the contact in the last 24 hours than I've been able to conger up in a long time on my own. Wish I'd have found this Forum sooner. Hope I get a chance to return the favors. Dave
  14. Tom, You saved me from taking pictures and posting--thank you. These are the exact same medals and also the same certificate and Decree # 1577. In fact, I had Mr. Clark's name high-lighted in my book because I was going to try to contact some of the guys that received this same award. I have a list of everyone in my brothers platoon and a few from his company, but none were awarded this--and his platoon went through everything my brother did.(I think). My brother joined the Air Force after his discharge from the Army and accidently drowned after serving in the Berlin Airlift. I was o
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