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  1. Eldon "Ed" Clinton Metzger Born: July 12, 1914 in Gresham, Oregon Died: August 10, 1984 Framingham, Massachusetts Metzger enlisted in the U.S. Army on February 20, 1941 at Portland, Oregon (Service Number 39300716). Metzger joined the 87th Mountain Infantry Regiment at Fort Lewis, Washington and participated in training in Canada on the Columbia Ice Fields glacier near Lake Louise, B.C. (1942). [May 1942] Corporal Metzger attaching ski climbers as part of the Mount Rainier Test Expedition, Mount Rainier, Washington. Metzger (at the time with the 87th Mountain Infantry Regiment) i
  2. pawtwo, I am at work right now (and do not have access to my files), but give me a day or two and I will post what information I have on Metzger and the other individuals directly involved with the ALICE pack design. C.A. Monroe
  3. I believe the question has been asked before, and no one ever came forward with any images. I am still looking for one too! IIRC the FY1968 case (that Craig posted) was the only Vietnam-era case manufactured (unless you count the FY1974 dated ones). As stated here (post #19) the Nordac FY1969 case is a post-war reproduction, as are the Turner-Thurston nylon cases (which were discussed in a different thread I cannot find).
  4. It is a commercial item, based on the shotgun pouch, for 7.62mm cartridges (the M24 is the Army designation of the Remington 700).
  5. Camouflage pattern is definitely close, but does not appear to have the exposed buttons of the reversible trial coat. But seems to make sense SINCE the soldier is wearing woodland trousers. Of course Natick is Army, so maybe they were trying the pattern out too.
  6. I do not collect medals, BUT, isn't this illegal? Or am I missing something and just not knowing what I am talking about? http://www.ebay.com/itm/162129058711 http://www.ebay.com/itm/Boxed-Decoration-ARROW-case-dated-1971-Sash-Ribbon-Bar-Medal-99c-star-No-Res-/162129058711?hash=item25bfa51b97:g:BnQAAOSwvg9XfjOn
  7. I, for one, would definitely like to see those!
  8. Kinda hard for someone to find the EXACT same camo pattern in the same places on two different coats...I still like it alot! I have a few film prop uniforms (SPR, BHD, BOB, Green Zone, etc.) and none have any "hollywood" tags. Although some of my SPR ones do, but found out later that ATF was actually putting the "hollywood" markings on them...not to make money (as they sold 'em dirt cheap)...but instead because of other reasons...
  9. What happened? I just knew this one would get posted! 'cause "hangin' with Audie Murphy" makes it so!
  10. FNG, you did check the pockets to make sure there were no long, hairy, red and black centipedes in them?
  11. Awesome find! Great to see something from the film!
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