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  1. Looks late 1950's - early 1960's with the matching twill backing. -Ski
  2. Hey guys! I wanted to share this with you as I think you will find it pretty cool. The Air Mobility Command Museum received a paperwork donation that came from the estate of an AAF admin MSgt. The twist to this was that this guy actually designed the Troop Carrier patch! The paperwork included a character reference from a colonel for his OTS package that included a bullet that stated he indeed, designed the patch. The attached drawing is probably the earliest rendering of the patch we have seen. SO, now you know that one MSgt Roy Sper designed the patch and actually wrote the Ops Plans
  3. So Looking forward to this! It has that "right" feel to it and I am going to go nuts seeing Fletchers on the big screen. Looks a little World of Warships, but should really impress! Now the conning tower graphics on the subs and the naval black uniform leave something to be desired to say the least...... -Ski
  4. Many thanks guys! I will pass it on. -Ski
  5. I have seen this around but I can't seem to ID it. Any ideas? Thanks! -Ski
  6. That is a 1950's era Type 10. Nice patches! -Ski
  7. You probably already have seen these, but here goes..... -Ski
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