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  1. tough break. have had that happen to me too. found out sometimes better not to touch things after it happens
  2. you can check the CSA serial numbers against known fakes/reproductions - https://oldcurrencyvalues.com/fake_confederate_money/
  3. link https://www.ebay.com/itm/RARE-ORIGINAL-WW1-US-ARMY-AIR-SERVICE-13th-AERO-SQUADRON-GRIM-REAPER-PATCH/202751303598?hash=item2f34eb5fae:g:lTcAAOSwAitdM3y4
  4. post pictures. You're not supposed to post links to outside photo hosts.
  5. I appreciate the heads up on the book and can't wait til mine arrives. Thank you all guys. dave
  6. 9 sailors and 1 Marine left. The family of USS Indianapolis CA-35 Survivor Don Howison has announced his passing. He was the oldest remaining Survivor and the last living officer. Fair winds and following seas. RIP Mr. Howison
  7. thank you Allan for that post. i have ordered a copy today. Much appreciated. Dave aka thor
  8. if I am not mistaken ASMIC recently had an article relating to these PX patbhes. Believe was within last year time frame.
  9. appreciate opinions this patch. thanks
  10. added some of the pictures for posterity. ebay links don't last forever. OP item id 392613518946
  11. thanks for the heads up on the episode.
  12. My best find of the year. Alamo Scout patch that I purchased from the Veteran's grandson- along with vets full name- he also gave me copies of period un published photos of his grandfather and a letter stating such -not posting vet's name out of respect for the family request[-it's in tough shape but that's from being handled for a lot of years.
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    cupla photos front
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