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  1. No patch but have letterhead of the cat
  2. A letter home from Laurence Klann 36257598 1308 Signal Pigeon co [avn] Gulfport, Mississippi dated
  3. Unless it is way way over my budget i pay up. Have i overpaid for stuff- that is a matter of perspective. I do not collect militaria with ROI in mind. I collect for enjoyment and of course the history. Now if you ask my wife you might get an of course he has overpaid for stuff answer. If I have searched high and low for a rare or obscure item and one shows up more than I wanted to pay then yes i pay up if its not way over my budget
  4. sorry guys, link to auction https://www.ebay.com/itm/Original-WWII-Nuremberg-War-Crimes-Trials-Bullion-Patch-Int-039-l-Military-Tribunal-/254550478671?hash=item3b44640f4f%3Ag%3A80cAAOSwF59eepNa&nma=true&si=J%252B5hdoBeePzg3H18Xex%252Bf5em0jI%253D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557
  5. This was just sold on ebay. I'm far far from expert on this one and it's being discussed on facebook forums.
  6. Kaiten : Japan's Secret Manned Suicide Submarine and the First American Ship It Sank in WWIIby Michael Mair and Joy Waldron
  7. A friend of mine recently gave me her father's Korean War Era helmet liner.
  8. Got this beauty at the Show of Shows.
  9. Imo military mail is under appreciated by the collector community.
  10. list of units: start here....... https://www.history.navy.mil/content/history/museums/seabee/explore/seabee-unit-histories/ncb.html
  11. i agree. I have two of these id as brit
  12. First time at the show. Saw some amazing things and enjoyed meeting the veterans the most. Have plans to attend next year armed with more knowledge and cash. Got some great stuff that i do not normally find on line and at better prices than online too.
  13. First time at the SOS and first time meeting Robert- very much the gentleman and enjoyed the chat.
  14. you should add the photos from the auction- once the ebay link is dead this thread renders useless. just a thought.
  15. Thanks for saving me that time that would have been wasted.
  16. Congratulations Costa, nice lid.
  17. Had a great time at the show. Morty thanks for the education on the patches, Tarbridge was nice to finally meet you hope to see you at a Southern show again, and Bruce Linz was great seeing you again and hope to see you at one of the 'local' shows. While there were some AMAZING COOL military antiques at the show, my ULTIMATE MOST ABSOLUTE FAVORITE part of the show was meeting the ALL veterans in the back. Those men were the real 'gems' of the show IMHO. dave
  18. Didn't care for the acting or the talking heads who popped their two cents in...could have been done better without the heads..
  19. I'd miss my plane dilly dallying there! thanks for posting
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