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  1. Thank you all for your help. I still have a few questions though. How would the grandson of MM2 Ackley go about getting his DD 214 or equivelant? Thank you! JD
  2. Good evening all. I'm looking for any information you might have on Machinists Mate 2nd class Elmer Lee Ackley. He was in the PTO, but unfortunately that's all the information I have on him. Thanks in advance. JD
  3. Morning all, found this interesting group, he had an interesting career for sure. I need help identifying that second to last ribbon please. Thanks JD http://m49.photobucket.com/albumview/albums/johnniedavis/1363440622_zps35de1f6b.jpg.html?o=0
  4. Morning all, this one is pretty cool. It's a P38 made out of 50 cal bullets, 30 cal bullets and brass sheets. The base is a 40? mm shell, 3 30-06 shells for the tower and 3 .45 bullets as the base. Someone was incredibly skilled but extremely bored at one time. I just have to affix the plane to the base at some point. Easy fix Enjoy! JD
  5. Morning all, a Luger I got a while back has some paperwork that just resurfaced. I wanted to share it with you all, hoping to get a little background on the unit the 'captor' was with, anything at all. The 1st Lt. didn't have the neatest handwriting but at least the unit is readable. Thanks in advance for the replies! JD
  6. Hi all, I have a friend that has a KA-BAR marked USMC w/ what looks to be the original sheath. The blade is nicely blued, sharpened tho. I didn't notice what color the spacer was, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't red. I don't know much about KA-BARs, but any help would be appreciated. Any thoughts on value? I know it's pretty hard to tell without pictures, but i would rate this at about 90%. thanks! JD
  7. Yesterday I took out my Garand, 100% original Carbine, k98, No. 4 Mk. 1 New Zealand marked Enfield, among a few other things. I'm not afraid to shoot them, that's the reason I bought them in the first place. You fall in love a little bit with these old guns, I look forward to shooting them every time I go out. It never gets old...The only gun i don't shoot is my grandfather's p.38 It's beautiful, but it's still just a p.38. 100% yes, but it's still more sentimental than cash based value. JD
  8. Hey all, I was wondering if the 77a was used in Vietnam. I heard that rumor, just checking if it was true or not. thanks JD
  9. Hey all, I was just wondering if anyone has had experience with the Auto-Ordinance Semi-auto Thompson. For $1400, it's going to run me less than my next m1a. it's a 16 1/2" barrel, would this be considered an SBR in the ATF's eyes? thanks JD
  10. Hey all, how about you post some pics you have of the Anzio Campaign......I would post some of my grandfather but not sure if they are on Anzio or not. JD
  11. not going to lie....I wasn't sure what was wrong with it other than the grip...good observation. JD
  12. Is it true they are moving everything there to Ft. Lee? On a personal note, anyone have pics of Anzio Annie lately. Not American I know, but it almost killed my grandfather... American related lol Thanks JD Meant to pit this in vehicles...sorry admins.
  13. Beautiful A1...And an Ithaca to boot. I'm building one right now out of all mil surp parts. can't wait till it is finished. My grandfather told me stories about how he used his A1. He tried taking it home, but he had to turn it in sadly. JD
  14. Hey all, thanks to all of the help I received from this forum, I was able to complete this. The case was ordered from Medals of America, as well as the brass plaque stating: John Mandak Jr 3rd Infantry Division 30 Mar 1943 - 5 Dec 1945 All of his medals were lost, minus the purple heart and GCM. The 3rd ID patch, 35th and the Can Do pin are original, along with his dog tag. the medals I got from the govt. for free, so no complaining there. the PUC and Meritorious service patch are his too. JD
  15. I have an original copy of the History of the 3rd.... no serial numbers tho. any ideas if he was wounded, any medals received. the book breaks down recipients of every medal. JD
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