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  1. To all of the collectors/Historians out there if it's possible could you post pictures of any Army M1912/1917 or Marine M 1917 tunics with their Indianhead patches on them.It's for a research project i'm doing and would like your help with this and thanks. Steve
  2. WWI Nerd, Hey nice picture of the 6th M.G.Battalion Marine But 3 things- 1.-The WWI Army of Occupation Medal and Ribbon didn't come until Nov 1941 (Gen.Pershing was the first to receive it ) 2. If this Marine was just coming back from France and in the Victory parade his helmet would have painted up with the 6th MG Batt. Insigina 3. the French Forragere wasn't authorized for wear until 1920-21 by HQ Marine Corps. but it's still a very good display you have pictured here Can you drop me aline off post here i know that guy who posed in this.get with me when you can.
  3. I need some help out there with this i'm doing research on the U.S. Marine Corps 15th Battalion "The Schlesweig-Holstein Battalion" that was made up from 4th and 5th Marine Brigade Veterans and Volunteers and were sent there and the Kiel area after the Armistice in 1918-1919 for guard duty and i'm looking for what their WWI helmet markings looked like.I read that it was a red shield with a EGA on it but haven't seen one to get a good picture of it if someone out there has one of these or info on it CAN you please pass the info on to me and thanks.
  4. The Authorized strength of a U.S.Marine Detachment aboard ship varied on the type of vessel.A Battleship was Authorized 80-100 Marines, A Carrier was authorized 60-80 Marines, A Heavy Cruiser 50-60 Marines,and a Light Cruiser 40-50 Marines.Officers for the Marine Detachment varied also usually it would have a Major or Captain Commanding it,3-4 Lt's as Platoon Commanders,XO and 1 Marine Gunner ( Warrant Officer ) in charge of the Marine Detachment Armament.Hope this helps you out.
  5. Why won't they? if the Sec.Of the Navy could award the Yangzte Service Medal to the "Polar Bears" of the 31st Infantry Regiment for the short service they did from 5 February 1932 -1 July 1932 (that's a very short time) why wouldn't they award the China Service Medal to the 2nd and 3rd Bns,15th Inf Regt.that were stationed there for 26 years and i got the city mistaken no big deal and the 2nd Bn arrived in China Dec 1911 sorry.
  6. Question for you guys, this was brought up and don't have the answer for it.I know the 2nd Bn/15th Infantry regiment was Stationed in Shanghai ,China from Nov,1911 to March 1938 right before the war started.Were they awarded the China Service Medal (i know it's a Navy-Marine Service Medal ) but have to ask this. Steve
  7. In 23 years in the Service i've never seen a general flag officer wear anything like that and it's not with-in older or Current AR 670-1 or AR 600-8-2 ---- it's a Fake !!!
  8. i'm new here so please go easy guys The uniform that he is wearing is the 1875 USMC Dress Frock Coat that was worn from 1875-1892.The Fringe on the shoulder scales is a Dark gold color and they do show up darker in the photos of the day.Hope this helps you out. Steve
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