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  1. Thanks, Charlie. At the risk of diverging off topic, I appreciate this. At one point we weren’t allowing photos unless they were hosted here, but of late it seems a lot of people are just posting eBay links which makes the posts effectively useless for future reference and research. I hope we can get back to posting the images instead. kindest, Bill
  2. No, but reenactors have been known to sew on reproduction patches.
  3. Is this available to the general public?
  4. Does anyone know of a good reference book on hand grenades? My google-fu seems weak at the moment. TIA
  5. Bill in VA


    Total fake.
  6. Who knows what goes on with Facebook??? I got the same thing for trying to sell some MREs - it went against their “community standards.”
  7. Ref. “Unbubba” it... it’s only original once, so one could argue that’s an oxymoron. It is what it is. It’s your knife to do with as you see fit, of course. If it was me, I’d not only leave it as-is, but would use it as intended instead of holding on to as a collectible. There’s something satisfying about owning and using a classic piece of kit, whether it’s great grandpa’s damascus skinning knife, driving your Model A, hunting with a classic shotgun, etc. I’d have no compunction, and much satisfaction, using that as my camp knife. Regardless, enjoy your knife.
  8. I have a Utica and a Boker dual marked.
  9. And higher condition ones, too. I saw several in the $1000-plus area that weren’t as nice as some of my own. I also a nice bm RCC in an M8 scabbard for $1500 - no nicks, but definitely sharpened, rounded tip, heavy runner marks. I know those are rare ones, but for that kind of coin I would have expected much higher condition, perhaps even a box.
  10. Interesting, for sure. I picked up a gm/dual marked Boker at this year’s SoS for $350. Aside from that, I was amazed at the asking prices for M3s; it seemed like they’d jumped 50%-75% since last year.
  11. Welcome, Harvey! Glad you found us
  12. Maybe $25-$30 each. (It’s been years since I bought TSMG magazines, and the last ones I bought were ten for $50!)
  13. Both are WW2 manufacture; made by Seymour Products and by Crosby.
  14. I paid $250 for an almost identical rig (DG scabbard, RIA blade w/wood scales) only a few months back.
  15. RFX is Richmond Foundry, IIRC. They made real M21 training grenades post WW2. The type of fuze on yours is the telltale that it’s a fake/novelty grenade.
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