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  1. Daan

    Shoulder Cords

    Anyone seen this cord before? Vietnam era?
  2. Daan

    Record Keeping

    I use Excel, The items that i have in my collection are listed with the name/description and the price i paid for it, nothing less and nothing more because that's all i need to know. I think Excel is fine for this purpose, it's getting to complicated for me using a extended database, not the knowledge but it takes much more time to add these items. Daan
  3. Erwin, T(h)anks for sharing! Some great books you have! Are the 'With Geronimo Across Europe' and 'Look out below' books interesting to read, what are they about?
  4. Wow nice books Jake, thanks for sharing! Some great books with interesting stories!
  5. Jim, Thank you for sharing that url! Daan
  6. Thanks for sharing Ricardo! Some very impressive photographs! This sure made me wondering how they earned that Medal of Honor. Daan
  7. Thanks Ricardo and Jake! I don't see it that often that people show their new books, but in my opinion they are very interesting items, especially like this, 4 books that came from one veteran. I allready had the Dutch version of Hell's Highway but it sure looks interesting to also read the original version. Thank you for your information Jake, I wasn't sure if this was the 2nd Edition. Please let me know if you have more information about Mr. Stinson. Daan
  8. And last but not least 'Rendezvous with Destiny', (BROKEN LINKS REMOVED) Is this the 1st Edition? Anyone else want to share some interesting first edition and/or signed books?
  9. The third book is 'The battered bastards of Bastogne' also by George Koskimaki, (BROKEN LINKS REMOVED)
  10. The second book is 'Hell's Highway' by George Koskimaki, (BROKEN LINKS REMOVED) Normally i don't post my new books, but since these are signed and because they belonged to a paratrooper, i thought it would be interesting to share.
  11. Today 4 new books arrived, they are first editions and very interesting. Now I don't need new books for the next 2 months I believe they all belonged to Mr Stinson, a 506th veteran. Does anyone know if he is still alive? First one is 'Avenging Eagles' by Mark Bando, (BROKEN LINKS REMOVED)
  12. Nice patches! That Type 8 is very nice!
  13. That's a very nice room with interesting items! Good Job!
  14. Nice groupings indeed, the first one is pretty interesting. Looks like he is wearing ribbons on his M43 field jacket. Was this done more when receiving a medal? He probably removed them after receiving the medal right? Anyway nice grouping and keep up the good work!
  15. Wow that's a very nice collection and great presentation! Maybe it's an idea to make some tutorials about making such pictures to display jackets?
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