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  1. I have a good friend who swears by mothballs and I am highly sensitive to mothballs so anytime we trade items, etc. I have to deal with the smell before the item comes into my collection. The route that works best for me is to simply air the item(s) out before placing them in my "room." During good weather I will place the items outside (direct sunlight works really well). During inclement weather I use the basement. If it is something with folds such as a garment, I will open the item up as best as I can. What I have found is that using the outside, the item will usually be fairly
  2. I also agree with the "leaving it alone" mantra. One thing I would highly recommend is to store it flat. Storing it folded can result in damaging creases especially if it does begin to stiffen. One friend of mine had a beautiful "supple" raincoat that he purchased and put away. He pulled it out for a display several months later and it had stiffened to the point that it couldn't be unfolded.
  3. The most important thing with uniform maintenance is monitoring the items, which it sounds like you do. This is why it is important to not collect beyond your ability to care for the items. Some of the horror stories I have heard over the years are because the individual just had to much and therefore their ability to properly care for the items simply was not there. What I do with my uniforms are the following: I have them on wide hangers to support the shoulders (narrow hangers can cause problems down the road) - don't panic...simply replace narrow hangers with wider hangers as you find
  4. This is an interesting post. What I have seen is that these theater organizations (or charity organizations) are the last resort. Many families have no knowledge of the "collecting" world and just don't want to throw the items away making these places the logical choice. In my neck of the woods, the main museum and the local "military museum" have begun a zero acquisition policy in regards to uniforms unless they deem them to be "super rare." The acquisition staff has been directed to tell donors that they are not taking uniforms due to their lack of significance and that the donor should
  5. I am so looking forward to this and the weather actually looks decent. I live up in Michigan and can't tell you the number of "white knuckle" drives I have had heading to and from the show!
  6. Glad I found this thread and what a fantastic grouping! I work within the museum and archival field and I have seen the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to museum's collections/retention/disposal policies. Recently two substantial museums in my area have decided to not accept any military items into their collection unless the items are extremely rare. I have no problem with this policy as I fully understand the lack of storage and display space that many institutions suffer from. However...I learned from their various collections teams that any donor with unwanted militaria is bein
  7. I'm almost 100 percent positive that it is Holland, Michigan. It was fairly common to use the Mich abbreviation during this time period. Unfortunately I can't comment on the authenticity of the coat but I have had items that I worried about only to find out they were fine. I tried looking up R.F. Calvin using a few data bases but nothing popped...yet (I love these types of mysteries)! Steve
  8. Thanks everyone, The seller is throwing in the plastic for free...such a good deal! On a side, when he brought it to show me it was raining pretty hard so he put the bag over it. The bag got wet and he didn't want to take it off and risk getting the coat wet (kinda of a funny concept for a military field jacket) so I did what I could. On a side note, I had seen the jacket last year when he acquired it. He has since decided to begin moving to a different hobby, hence the avilablity of the coat.
  9. I don't know why it is posting the one pic twice. These aren't the best but I wanted to hit three key areas. They are pretty obvious but just in case the first pic is the pocket tag (right front), the second (and fourth for some reason) is the size tag in the collar and the third is the zipper. Thanks, Steve
  10. Thanks for the advice I have taken a few pics of the zipper and tags and should have them up later tonight
  11. Ok Ladies and Gentlemen...I am hoping that you can help me. I have been looking for a clean example of a M41 Field Jacket to add to my collection for several years and I always seem to be a day late and a dollar short! Recently an example came my way that had me excited at first but is now causing me to pause. The example is what I would consider unissued and that is my cause of concern. Now, before coming before you learned individuals I have tried to do my due diligence by looking through my reference books, looking at original examples (in friends collections and on line) and the like bu
  12. This is just a bit of friendly advice...As part of my job, I am currently working on preserving a photo album/scrapbook put together in the 1960's for a World War I Victoria Cross winner. It is one of those adhesive albums with the clear top pages that were typical in the 1960's/1970's and even into the 80's and 90's. I am slowly removing everything from the album due to the damage being inflicted on the historic items by the old glue slowly leaching through the paper and photographs. Fortunately I have been able to remove all the items so far without much damage although several pieces hav
  13. UPDATE I have had several conversations with the Grand Daughter over the past months and this week she gave me the nod that she would like me to have the items. She seems to appreciate what I do (and after telling her about this forum - what all of you do as well). Give me a bit and I will post pics of some of the other items in the group. I can't remember if I stated this earlier but she also gave me a few hundred images of her father who was a mechanic with the 15th Air Force. There are some great shots of bombers being worked on, nose-art, etc. I also received his dog-tags among a fe
  14. I am not an expert on the uniform, or the helmet (both of which look really, really cool and I would love to have them in my collection) however I would recommend that you figure out a way to meet in person. I love shipping items but with something of this magnitude I would rather drive 3 or 4 hours, hook up, have a great lunch together and get those items into my hands with no middleman if you will then risk something going wrong with either trade group in shipping. Just my two cents (and have fun!) Steve
  15. Have had fun reading these and reliving the experience! I have attended the show several times and unfortunately this year I could only make it on Thursday. I did bring a friend along who had never been and it was fun watching his head explode when he walked into the hall! O.K. with that said just a few minor observations: on the down side - in all my years attending I have never seen so many tables covered on Thursday. I also had numerous issues with dealers being away from their tables and then never returning. In several cases it took three trips back (or more) to connect...and in two
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