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  1. Glad it sold! It is a super nice original and named helmet set!
  2. I'm honestly shocked it hasn't sold as it is in beautiful and rare condition for helmet set! Plus it is totally named to someone with a long overseas service history. Those guys were vital to the war effort!
  3. Reviving this thread since saw helmet for sale. http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/264500-fs-all-original-ww2-m-1-fs-fb-idd/ This helmet belonged to T/Sgt Donald Charles Orwig of the 19th Weather Squadron. Don was born on September 21, 1919 in Hartleton, Pennsylvania. Right after high school, Don enlisted in the Army on November 21, 1939. He was trained as an aircraft mechanic. He was sent overseas from October 7, 1943 until October 28, 1945. It was during this time that he served in the 19th Weather Squadron out of Accra, West Africa. This was part of
  4. What does double wire mean? I almost exclusively do uniforms so I'm admittedly not very versed in helmet terminology.
  5. Thanks for info! I've shined lights and used a hand magnifier (which admittedly wasn't the best) and I can't see another number. So maybe error in strike and it just didn't strike?
  6. I found this helmet and liner over the weekend at an out of the way antique store. I listed the helmet tonight for sale. Here is link: http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/262928-for-sale-early-fixed-bail-helmet-named-army-w-lt-bar-on-liner-research-possible/&do=findComment&comment=2113186 Now my question or issue is about heat stamps. When searching for the heat stamp, I would swear it reads 04A? That would put this right around earliest production! Thoughts? Here are pics of stamp:
  7. Thanks for the heads up. Good idea about listing it here. I went ahead and did that as suggested. Honestly would rather it go to a forum member here. Here is the link to the FOR SALE section ad:http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/262900-for-sale-early-fixed-bail-helmet-red-damage-control/?p=2112839
  8. There is green layer and red. Nothing more. So whatever ship it was on wasn't in service post war.
  9. Yes it has what looks like maybe white numbers like 11 on front and back. It is pretty worn but it is a nice salty worn. Looks like it's been there to witness history but not trashed.
  10. This weekend a friend and I drove several hours and hit antique places along the way. Found this and another helmet I thought might be of interest here rather than left to rot at store. Wanted to show them here first before likely gonna stick them on eBay (unless someone interested - just message me an offer if you are as I would rather it go to forum member). This first one is fixed bail with worn but original chin straps. Sadly no liner. Front seam and it is stamped 267A - so that puts it in early 1942 manufacturer. Neat part is that is still retains its original World War II red paint ove
  11. Was this one of the ones on ebay? I know when I searched it kept coming up over and over on the uniforms search list. By the way, saw Spike posted. SPIKE: Didn't you get a later version of one like a year or two ago? Might be kind of cool to post that one too on this thread so people could see how it was done over time. Could end up being a cool field gear reference type thread. Craig Pickrall used to do some of those - I sure miss him.
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