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    KNIVES! Knuckle/trench knives, WW1-WW2 knives, Connecticut made knives (John EK, Collins, LF&C)...

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  1. I have been using these threads for years for information but never joined for some reason. But here I am now! My father and I have been building a collection for a while now, mostly knives but some firearms too. We have a thing for Connecticut made weapons such as Colt, LF&C, Collins, and John EK knives; it is kind-of astounding how much this little state used to manufacture. Anyways, here's some pictures of the collection!
  2. @usknivesnmore outstanding! Seems we have very similar tastes! If you are ever looking to pass anything to the next collection let me know! Specially the ek #8 and #10!
  3. Here are my father's and my hamden and Miami EK's
  4. @Capt.Case that is awesome! I would love to find one that early!
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