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  1. Yeah, I think so. I'll keep hold of it for a bit and see what happens when I fancy selling it on. Can look at postage cost and see how much it would be, but it's pretty heavy, so suspect it might be expensive. Thanks again!
  2. Think you've nailed it! Quick bit of research and got a photo that looks like it would work. Fascinating! I would have never of thought hat, because our cap badges are so small over here. Thanks everyone for helping me figure it out!
  3. Great, thanks for that. I've been thinking today, could it have been used to create gravemarkers? I know quite a few European military cemeteries use them, but unsure about American. Similar to the way a cap badge would be "pressed" could gravemarkers have been done in the same way? Now I've a clearer idea, just need to figure out the value! Ha If anyone has any idea on value or best place to try and sell them, that would be helpful. I would love to get them to an American military collector, but worry the postage cost on top of
  4. Thanks so much. They are quite big, measuring 9cm tall by 11cm wide. Our cap badges in Britain tend to be small, maybe a couple of cm at most. Would this still be possible, that they are hat badge pressers, being this big? Thanks again, Matt
  5. I've made an imprint (used the kids playdough! 😂) And it's backwards, so they can't have been used as casts. Any ideas anyone?
  6. Just plain and has the joins to keep the shields in place. I was also wondering why they were so close and opposite directions, if they are moulds, but can't think what else they would be used for. They are well made, so clearly should have a purpose. Hoping someone can help me figure it out! Ha
  7. That is one thing I was thinking, should the letters be backwards for a cast, but couldn't think it through. Any ideas what if might be for? Thanks for responding!
  8. Hi, I'm looking for some help and info on this piece I've just picked up. Its a heavy metal piece, cast iron maybe? I think it was used for casting the motto and symbol of West Point Military Academy, possibly on tombstone's or buildings? I've been told WW2 and it certainly has age to it. I buy and sell antiques and like Militaria, but being in England, don't come across American military items very often, so I'm a bit stumped. If anyone has any info, that would be great? I'm looking for is it real, what would it be used for (am I right with t
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