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  1. I did not want to add bags pictures, but unfortunately the message can't be edited.
  2. Thanks, well noted. The discoloration and fading is just the same of the U.S. lettering, so I thought It could be coeval. Checking other items I own I anyway notice that the logo is the same, and same size for example, of this NOS A3 HBT Mechanics Cap: Kind regards, Paolo
  3. Hello, I am a new user from Italy. I own a 1943 Ford GPW, so I started collecting also WWII US Militaria. Being a glider pilot too, love also USAAF items. I have just received an item from UK, that I'd like to show you for any comment from experts. It's a 1936 Musette, marked 1942 and it has the Army Air Forces logo that I've never seen on an item like that. I have different aviator bags with AAF logo (that is bigger anyway) but not Musette. The producer is "Varied Manufacturing Co" 1942. And a nice add, in the bag the s
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