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  1. Hi, Thanks a lot Old Marine! I will post on them, don't worry! Best regards, Eric
  2. Hi, I'm not keen enough in US badges to pretend mine are authentic. I've never seen the cut pattern of the first one before. The second one could be the French version. I bought them with several items of a former officer who was a collector during an auction. I'm here to take your advices. Best regards, Eric
  3. Hi, I've got those two patches of the 6860th Headquarters Detachment Intelligence Assault Force "T" Force. I found them with a local made badge of the 5th Army and a Italian medal dedicated to Liberators... Thanks a lot for your help! Best regards, Eric
  4. Hi, I'm Eric. I'm 54 and I collect badges of th French Norther African infantry. I may have American badges but I don't know them so I will ask you to help me to identify them! Feel free if you need any information on French badges. Best regards, Eric
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