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  2. I recently acquired this Empire Forge Chest M1918 from Buffalo Forge Co. It appears to be very complete and works wonderful. Even has the small wrench for the bolt on the crank sprocket. Anyway I was wondering if anyone had any good information on it and also I'm looking for suggestions on how to restore the outside of the chest from it's present rust.
  3. Well stratasfan I looked and looked and looked and can't find a good title to put it under.
  4. I joined because this site was one place where I found at least a picture and a mention about a WW1 Calvary forge I just purchased. An M1918 Empire Forge Chest from Buffalo Forge Co. I was wanting to gather any more information about it that I could. It does have a patent date of 1878 (it appears) and there is another date that looks like Sept 11 1883 both formed into the casting of the hearth. It is in very good condition and quite complete even with the small wrench for the nut on the crank sprocket.
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