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  1. It was first listed as a WWII fighting knife, so they are getting closer. 🤭
  2. I just noticed he changed it to VN era. Maybe a few others contacted him as well to give him a heads up. 🙂
  3. I tried to inform the seller you can clearly see a 1970s date on the pommel, but he knows best according to his revised description. https://www.ebay.com/itm/WWII-Era-Fighting-Knife-in-Sheath/224217676223?hash=item34346a39bf:g:~VQAAOSwckFfwFgw
  4. Looks funny to me too. None of my M3's have a radius like that, from any manufacturer.
  5. Goodness, that scabbard looks like a piece of jerky after it comes out of the dehydrator. Bad fake.
  6. Still looks like there is plenty of 'meat' left on the blade to work with, l'd sure like to see it cleaned up when you get to it!
  7. Hate to be anywhere near the receiving end of one of those, impressive piece of ordnance!
  8. I like it, it has character. Some GI must've been jealous of those pesky FSSF guys and made his own with what he had!
  9. Some didn't want to turn that trusty KA-BAR back into Uncle so this was their makeshift way of getting around that. Others have been scrubbed to sell on the civilian market as Costa mentioned, but this looks like like a home job to me.
  10. I know, I was being slightly sarcastic in my post - hard to portray over the internet at times. 😉
  11. I've got a few of those rare prototypes, lucky me!
  12. Decades, most come from the bank of some river in California.
  13. Id sure like to have a box of those, or even a loose one in that condition. Very nice.
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