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  1. Nice score on a very nice looking APH-5. I hope you find some answers on who it was assigned to.
  2. Fantastic helmet! Congratulations! Even if it is not related to the General, that is a tough find with everything intact, especially the tags. On a side note, try some Lexol leather cleaner and conditioner on the suspension assembly leather. You can find it at a good price in the auto care section at Walmart. It has worked very well for me.
  3. Small world and good times! I remember seeing the Egyptians. Freaked me out the first time seeing them at a checkpoint. I saw their iconic AK's long before their flag. πŸ˜… Thanks for being there as well! πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ
  4. Helmet marked H-4. All comms components marked H-3. My error in not clarifying. Had not finished the first cup of coffee yet.
  5. I originally thought it was the initials of RUB, but it could very well be the first name ROB.
  6. Quick share of a couple of my favorites. The H-4 came out of an antique store in the Midwest. I really like the original tape job. The other H-4 was a garage find here in CA. It was in real rough shape shape when I got it, but it was complete with the original liner and all communications cords, mic and earphones. After a few days of cleanup, it turned out pretty well. It was during the cleanup that I found it was named "FAULRING." Unfortunately no first initial or other identifying information.
  7. Outstanding follow up! Scott, your knowledge is what makes this forum the great place that it is. I am blessed to have found it and become a member. Thank you to all for your comments and input. Bradford
  8. Small world! Thanks for the gas! Lots of crazy and good memories.... 🀣 🍻
  9. Since the interest in the patches is here, I am providing some closer photos. The material used in the making of the red patch is a sort of a silk or valour. It is not a cheap feeling patch. It is backed with a soft PVC like material.
  10. Hi Allan! I was assigned to the 402nd MP Camp. We were just a few miles south of Al Qaisumah in the middle of nowhere. I frequented your unit a few times to get fuel for our unit. I remember those gigantic fuel bladders. Always wanted to go jump on one! My buddy and I inadvertently burnt a M1008 CUCV to the ground returning from there. Seems the shortcut we took across the desert a little too fast cause the cans to bang together and spark, causing a fire. I bailed out the passenger door at 20 MPH to save my butt. My buddy stopped the truck and booked it. t was quite the show to watch that whol
  11. It's mentioned in the narrative that accompanies the photo. It came off the uniform of an Iraqi POW (EPW). I knew nothing about the guys assignment. Due to lack of translators and an overwhelming stream of EPW's, we only collected info pertaining to name, DOB, hometown and religious sect.
  12. I really don't know. I was hoping for some answers here if someone recognizes it.........
  13. I was going through some storage boxes and came upon some of the "bring backs" I brought home after my deployment to Saudi Arabia during the Desert Shield / Desert Storm conflict in 1990-1991. I was a 95 Bravo / Combat MP with the CA Army "Guard". Once the war started, our mission changed from combat support to EPW processing. We processed everyone from civilians who were "drafted" off the streets of their hometown and handed an AK, to high ranking Iraqi Generals flown in on US helicopters for processing and then whisked away minutes later on the same chopper. The uniform items were remov
  14. Beautiful MB-4! I love the patina and honest wear and tear. Great foray into flight helmets. Congratulations! 🍻
  15. Without a doubt it is a stalking panther with the EA-6B silhouette. Playboy bunny head on the visor cover reminds me of the good old days of VX-4 and their "Black Bunnies." Good times.... That helmet is top shelf! Follow up with some better pics if you will. πŸ‘
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