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  1. Hi, So I figured out what these patches are by looking in my Dad's "Officer Guide". My question is, they would not have been worn by my Dad who was a veteran and instead would have been worn by my Mom since she was not in the service, right? Many thanks for your answer in advance. Liz
  2. Hi again Blacksmith, I think I have found a reference source for most of my basic questions. I had it all the time but didn't know it, as it one of many books Dad had saved. This book is really something!
  3. Hi Blacksmith, I appreciate your response. I would like to ask you another question. Is the ribbon bar only worm on the full tunic jacket or can it be also worn on the "Like Ike" Jackets? And, when is the ribbon bar worn? I've gone through some photo's of my Dad in uniform and I don't see it on any. Thank you again, Liz
  4. thank you. How would I know that it is upside down and backwards?
  5. Hello, How do you read ribbon bars? I would like to know what this one means. Thanks
  6. Hi Steve, Thank you so much for responding. Yes it could be a Sweetheart Pin, but I wonder also if it could be a pin from my Dad's father who was Czechoslovakian? He may have been in service in Czechoslovakia and perhaps passed it on to Dad. I say that because I googled Slovak badges last night, and, although I didn't find this exact pin, the images of the birds that I did find were quite similar in terms of the feathering. the stance and the upward V shape of the wings. Would you happen to know also, the best way to clean the pin to brighten it up? I'll probably keep this one. Than
  7. Hi members, I joined this site because I am doing research on the WWII items I have been finding in my Dad's estate. I am going to be selling the items he received while in service and would like to know what they are before I sell them. I have been on ebay and other websites and have identified all the pins, but this last one stumps me ( I have a front and back photo of it.) I don't see any stamps on it so I don't know what medal it is made of, and where on the uniform he would have worn it. Would anyone happen to know what it is? I've included a list of where he was stationed to help
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