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  1. We've all been there for sure. When I was in 3rd grade (about 1982) I bought a mint WW2 helmet and liner from a local military surplus store. I remember it was dark green and had a small lieutenant's bar painted in silver on the front. Khaki chin strap. At that time where I lived those helmets were a dime a dozen. I had no idea at the time that it was genuine WW2. When I grew up and left home I didn't take it with me because I no longer wanted it. Thankfully my parents didn't throw it out. Instead they gave it to my nephew, who is into re-enacting. He recently told me that his researc
  2. DSA shows it's from 1967. This info in the site link below seems to confirm this: http://www.vietnamgear.com/kit.aspx?kit=699
  3. When I first saw it I didn't think it would fit me because it's xsmall (I'm a chest size 38R), but it fits good. I think I read somewhere that they made these oversize so they would be loose fitting for cooling purposes. Although it's not loose fitting on me, it fits well. Prior to getting this, I picked up a pair of the jungle fatigue pants dated 1969 size small reg (I'll post a pic of that when I have time). The pants are well used and faded with stains, but no rips tears or fraying. The zipper fly was no longer functional, so I had it replaced by a seamstress.
  4. I picked this up from a military surplus store for $17.99. Looks new unissued. Think this is genuine?
  5. I picked this up over the weekend at an antique store for $60. Maybe I overpaid. No rips, tears, holes, or fraying, but it has a lot of stains. It fits me well, but it's not very warm. Nevertheless, I like it. Any suggestions on how I can get this cleaned safely? It's pretty dirty.
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