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  1. Hi , I have this camo canopy ..someone have information about its use? was it for the personal launch? does anyone know the imprinted brands? thanks to all for the usual collaboration, always very precious!
  2. hello guys and here I am with a lot that belonged to a fighter, of Italian-American origins who first took part in the landing in Italy and then in the liberation of Germany ...All information about are welcome
  3. Thank you ! Where I can find more information about it ?
  4. Hi from Italy, Klaxon and nice to meet you ! No , the jungle jacket has no sign on the arm ... the green cap is locally produced I think because it has a flash on the right side
  5. hi to all the friends of the forum, I show you this jacket that I bought some time ago at a market .. the label on the belt is interesting, from the name of the soldier I was able to find some information on the internet, discovering that it served In 2008 with the 3rd Marines ... the ribbons were rebuilt by me, I hope correctly
  6. Hi everybody , I have some items of the same Colonel !
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