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John Doe

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    Mostly Vietnam, but my collection ranges from World War I to the present day.

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  1. My Theater made ERDL jungle fatigue shirt, which belonged to an unknown woman soldier. According to the seller I got it from, it dates to 1968, but the sole tag is faded, and since it was custom made I can't really verify that date. It's lowland (green dominant, bigger shapes) ERDL. Not too much else to be said, other than that I haven't seen too many other women's ERDL items.
  2. If it's all the seller had I wouldn't trust it. Might be real, but seems very suspicious for that reason, and that the condition is fantastic from that photo. Obviously that isn't enough in and of itself, but the two factors combine make me wary. Curious to see what others have to say since I've only been collecting a few years, but were I in your place wouldn't buy it.
  3. Hi Gil, Like I said , I don't feel comfortable purchasing something over a forum right now. I also already found what I need from the website and the pdf that were put here, so I don't particularly need it. Thank you for the offer, though. -John Doe
  4. Thank you. Very convenient to have in a checklist. Great resource.
  5. Gil, As in for sale? Sorry, but I'm not quite comfortable with purchasing something over a forum. Thank you for the offer though.
  6. David, Yeah. I looked at it more closely and it has everything I'm looking for.
  7. Thank you for all the replies! I think I've found what I need, so thank you all very much.
  8. Dear jmd62, Thanks! I definitely have. Respectfully, John Doe
  9. I joined today, but I've been lurking here without an account for a few months now. I mostly collect from the Vietnam War, but my collection ranges from World War I to the present. Currently I've been trying to expand my World War II collection a bit.
  10. Bearmon, Thanks, but I was hoping for a list of every rate with the respective insignia, not a guide for the appearance of ratings. However, that's a great resource to use for other things, so thank you!
  11. I've decided to try to get a rank patch for every US Navy rate of World War 2 in order to make a display, but I've been unable to find a comprehensive list. Does anyone know of such a list or does it simply not exist?
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