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  1. From Navsource- USS Nitro (AE-2). Pyro Class ammunition ship. Commissioned-1921. She served in the Europe-Africa-Middle East Theater and the Asiatic-Pacific Theater. Decommissioned- 1945. Scrapped- 1949.
  2. She’s neither a Liberty nor Victory ship. I’m with Salvage Sailor on this one. Probably an auxiliary. Unique superstructure though. Might be able to locate her on Navsource.
  3. Thanks folks! I have notified the owner. He seems decent. I identified a Navy LTjg’s uniform for him and he asked me to identify this one. He appears to dabble in general antiques with a few military items sprinkled in. Seems innocent enough.
  4. I was thinking along the same lines, maybe a bridge coat modified for a stage production. I wanted to bounce it off of y’all before I burst his bubble.
  5. The buttons are Navy and it looks like some are missing. Shoulder boards indicate an admiral. Has a name but I can’t make it out. Any idea of specifics beyond that?
  6. and a stick of Beeman’s. 🙄
  7. I agree- ROTC. Civil Air Patrol uses a similar pattern for its cadet program “solo” wings. The center has a prop and triangle though. I earned my solo wings as a CAP cadet in high school. Now, I need to dig them up. Hmm.. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Here’s one of the service caps from my collection. I personally like the khaki cover with green mohair band. This Brooks has had the liner cut out of the cover as well as the “grommet” removed prior to my ownership. The crown stiffener is still present. It was pretty roached out when I got it. After lint rolling the heavy pet fur away, I carefully disassembled it and cautiously hand washed the cover in a mild soap and water solution. Twice. Smells MUCH better now. Then, I hung it to dry and reassembled. The cap came with a cheap repro hat device which I have replaced with the Gemsco you see. T
  9. When I see something like this, I immediately look to see what else the person is selling. This is not a militaria dealer. In the first few items for sale, I see tech stuff, a car charger, and a matching bikini set. I’m not talking about Bikini Atoll either. I just shake my head and move on. Still, some “dealers” are guilty of pushing some ridiculous items for big money too. That’s why I also look at their negative feedback. I recently dealt with a “dealer” who purchased an item from me. I had to hound him for payment. Zero response to repeated attempts at communicating over a period of two w
  10. Ok. Thanks. Did the CG use the same marks as the Navy for marksmanship?
  11. Yeah. I was thinking the same thing. It would be interesting to find out, but I’m happy with it none the less.
  12. Thanks, Chris. I have no idea how to track laundry numbers though. Know anyone who could help? Thanks.
  13. Here’s a 1st ID patch that I ran across while digging through some stuff. Any idea what era I’m looking at here? I have no idea what the red stuff is on the back either. Thanks.
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