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  1. Ok, thank you very much for your explanation Allan H. So if someone wears a glider wing/badge with 2 campaign stars, those stars would have been more likely earned during Normandy and Market Garden rather than during Sicily/Italy and Normandy, right? I have just purchased a glider badge with 2 campaign stars a week ago, but now that I have received that wing and have seen it with my own eyes in real...I am pretty sure it's not a genuine wing from WW2. I won't even attach a picture of that glider badge, but it's a cool badge anyway.
  2. Hello, for what it's worth after years this thread has passed. I have tried to read about the glider wings and the stars attached. And whether 2 stars attached would have been possible for a veteran which would mean that veteran must have landed per glider during 2 battles, let's say. I see Normandy has been mentioned and prior to Normandy the Italian scene, but I think there are doubts about the Italian scene. What I was wondering about, is the fact that I have not read anyone mentioning Operation Market Garden where gliders were used to transport troops. So, would it be possible th
  3. Hello, this is Rez from The Netherlands, Amsterdam to be precise. This newbee is not a militaria collector and does not have any military background whatsoever...well, my father was a lieutenant dentist in the Indonesian navy back in the early 1960's, but that does not count as my background, does it? Anyway, I am very much interested in military history, let's say from WW1 onwards, and just recently I have purchased my first 2 objects related to WW2 which are 2 pairs of para jump wings, supposedly worn during WW2. Want to make things a bit more tangible in remembering and commemora
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