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  1. The first one to me looks have all WW2 era parts minus the repaint. The second one has a late WW2 if not Korean war chinstrap on the shell, but the rest of it looks WW2 era to me. I'm guessing someone tried to do a repaint of the 1st shell as well since Korean war repaints are a darker green and slightly glossy.
  2. You did a great job on making the shadow box, your idea about using the medical trim as a border is really nice looking.
  3. I don't think I've ever seen more USAAF equipment in one room before! You could fill out multiple B-17s with all that gear.
  4. I've always wondered about this, but I don't think there was specific regulation or that there was a significant difference in helmet usage between countries. The two countries that always stuck out to me about helmet use were Germany and Russia, but I think this could be attributed to winter head gear not fitting underneath the helmet. Also, you have to take into account that a lot of these pictures were staged, and while soldiers knew the value of wearing a helmet if your not in an active combat zone why would you want to wear a heavy helmet when you could wear a lighter soft hat.
  5. The helmet is an amazing find and the history behind it really makes it, I'd say based on all the information here that the helmet belonged to him.
  6. That's really cool! Have you ever posted them before?
  7. Hello everyone, I got this uniform a little more than a year ago unfortunately it did not come with pants, but the jacket is in good shape and the insignia on it as well as the information I was able to find out about it make pretty interesting. Using the the collar disks which tells us he was in company B of the 7th engineers and his rank patch I was able to find an old website that had a scanned page from the regiment history which showed the Mess Sergeants name is "Christian A. Flaig". His name didn't turn anything else up at the time, but a few days ago after looking it up again I was able
  8. Great thread all the helmets shown so far have been amazing! Here's my only WW2 M1 its a front seam fixed bail with the early brass chinstrap. The liner is a late war CPAC manufacture, has a laundry number written inside (V - 0121) and the front of the liner has a paper "decal" of the army service force insignia.
  9. Next time they show by me opens up I'm grabbing the second one he had for you. I Don't think he sells anything online so he should still have it and some of the other nice USAAF setups that were on display that day. thank you all for the reading and the kind words I really appreciate it, the book he put together during his service is amazing to read and shows how brave the B-17 crews were to go repeatedly on these missions.
  10. Sorry I messed up the mission it was this one. Thank you for reading.
  11. Hello, this is my Radio Operator display that I've set up for my Great Uncle who was a radio operator in a B-17G apart of the 447th bombardment group in the 708th bombardment squadron in 1942 - 1944. Before I got any further I'd like to thank AZPhil who helped me a lot with putting this together without him I don't think I would've been able to do this on my own. Now for the parts I have a B6 helmet with added snaps, an A10a oxygen mask, an M3 flak helmet, and the goggles are the m1944. I know the m1944 goggles are not correct, but I've put them on since I had them sitting in a box and they ma
  12. Hello everyone, after browsing this forum for information for a long time I'm excited to finally join. I've been collecting for around a decade now mostly in helmets and uniforms but there are some foreign medals and patches on the side. Around this time last year my friend AZphil posted on behalf for me here about B-17 radio operator equipment and I am really thankful for the information both he and you guys provided the display so far has turned out really well. I have some cool pieces that I think everyone would like to see and I'll get around to sharing those soon.
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