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  1. I was able to find the answers to my question in another forum but in case anyone is interested the first helmet is a British Brodie with stamping of; H.V. 306 H = W.Hutton & Sons Ltd of Sheffield ( Manufacturer ) V = Vickers Ltd of Sheffield ( Steel Supplier ) 306 being the batch number of steel used. This was the original liner or at least original to when the helmet came into my hands The second helmet is an American M1917 with stamping ZC36 or 38, i replaced the liner in this helmet with a repro from Prairie Flower leather as it was rotten and the felt pad
  2. Hi folks trying to educate myself on these helmets as I have 2 of them but Don’t know about them. I would like to attach 2 pics of the markings under each brim in hopes that some here can provide some light and 1 pic of the dimple in one of the helmets in case that means anything. 1 helmet has what seems to be the original liner and I am in process of putting a replacement liner from Prairie Leather in the other helmet V/R J
  3. New guy from So Cal high desert region
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