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  1. $500 finders fee to the person that finds it
  2. Looking for a Purple Heart named to Edward L Brannon. Call text or email if anyone knows it’s whereabouts. Last know location it was sold at the show of shows in 2005 tylerblackmon41@gmail.com 205-784-5054
  3. Looking for a Purple Heart Named to Edward L Brannon of the 654th tank destroyer BN. Please text call or email if you know where it is tylerblackmon41@gmail.com 205-784-5054
  4. Looking for the KIA Purple Heart if Edward L Brannon. 654th tank destroyer BN KIA 12/29/44. Call text or email tylerblackmon41@gmail.com 205-784-5054
  5. Looking for a Purple Heart that belonged to Edward l Brannon. Last traces of it it was sold in 2005 at the Ohio valley show of shows. Call or email tylerblackmon41@gmail.com 205-784-5054
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