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  1. Hey, un compatriote !! J'imagine en effet que vous l'aviez vu aux enchères françaises, si vous furetez régulièrement à la recherche de casques. Indeed, the auction took up through the roof on the last seconds, but nevertheless I was ready to pay more for this one... 😅 don't ask me why, gut feeling, but I wanted it bad (decal, terrific tape job, all the squadron ID on it). You know, price is a subjective matter when it comes to collecting things ^^. I do not mind much about the missing O² connector / mini regulator, for the set was already in the same condition some time ago when
  2. That's very kind of you, Bradford & Phil. I do appreciate your feedbacks about the pleasure you took reading the text, makes me feel if was worth the effort . As a Frenchman I try my best, but sometimes -as Hink pointed out- my statements (or vocabulary) can be a tad approximate and misunderstood !... That would be totally plausible, for the Double Eagles flew A models till the end, alongside with their more recent E models. But I still wonder if the modifications made on A/B/C Intruders that lead to the E concerned the communications besides the main upgrades (
  3. Interesting intel, mohawALSE, thanks ! If it's confirmed, that would definitely be very helpful for a potential spare part purchase.
  4. Thank you for the kind comments gentlemen, much appreciated ! Yeah, I understand I didn't express myself correctly, sorry about that Chris😅. I was meaning no separate or disctinct edgeroll, made of another material, say, like the ones we see on HGU-2A/Ps or early APH-6s for instance if you get my drift, since the black leather pieces that overflow the shell's edges -that technically constitute some kind of an edgeroll- are connected (glued or sewn ?) under the poured liner's leather, so it looks more like a "whole" to me than a separate edgeroll. That was the meaning of
  5. Along on display with its latest counterpart, a side by side comparison reveals obvious family ties between these naval APH helmets . Both are Medium size.
  6. Greetings everyone ! Today I'll be reviewing my latest acquisition, a named APH-6 Custom fitted set (with MS-22001 mask) which belonged to an A-6 pilot, B/N, or instructor of the VMAT(AW)-202 "Double Eagles" during the late 70's to early 80's. First things first, a little History. VMAT(AW)-202 "Double Eagles" was an USMC all-weather (hence the "AW") attack training and replacement Intruder squadron that was based at Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Cherry Point, North Carolina, sometimes nicknamed the "Intruder College" (or more informal "D
  7. Sorry for digging up, I was looking for USMC patches on the used market and this one popped up... it remembered me this helmet's thread. A big red-bordered yellow arrow + CH-46 and 53, could be a match for a squadron ID (HMM-162 Golden Eagles, 1971 Med cruise).
  8. Love the german HGU-2A/PG, a rare find. Looks like the offspring of an APH-6 and an HGU-2 with the Sierra Ramshorn, USN knobs, and earcups' plastic discs retentions characteristic of APH-6s. You were right to fix the receivers horizontally and put T-bayonets to the masks' shell, from wthe very few ones I've seen these helmets were mostly fitted with straight (in-line or T) bayonets to MBU-5/P or MS-22001 masks. As for the "HGU-33", I concur with MohawkALSE : the spring mounted earcups are a giveway : that was specific of the early / middle version HGU-2A/P. Moreover, as AMT500E p
  9. One thing I was thinking about : the blue dot in the Texas shape probably points the helmet owner's hometown or residential location. Supposing I'm right, according to the map he would have been from the Midland / Odessa area. Besides, I've kept searching, and another plausible match came out : VA-128 Golden Intruders
  10. I considered it when I placed this squadron in the top 3, but I wouldn't be so sure nonetheless. You know, arrows are a pretty common taping pattern when it comes to flight helmets. It's a 50/50 chance if you ask me, sometimes helmets decorations just don't have anything to do with the insigna, squadron name, or even the planes' paint job. However, the colors mostly do, that's why I left you such a wide list to deal with. From what I saw, the 3 top squadrons of the list could be a potential match. That's just a gut feeling of course, but I'd personally put my bet on the
  11. Oh, and I forgot : you'll also need 3 brown leather-covered APH-6 fitting pads for the restoration on the inside. Sorry for the multi-posting...
  12. No particular squadron showed up when I searched for insignas / tail decoration / helmets taping featuring this particular checkered pattern of yellow and blue. However, considering only the yellow and light navy blue dual-color for insignas and tail decoration in the 70's era, my search lead me to 3 squadrons in particular. VRC-30 Providers * C-2A VA-75 Sunday Punchers * A-6E VP-62 Broadarrows * P-3 The following squadrons also showed a yellow / blue visual identity at some point, but not as significant as the 3 quoted above. VA-46 Blue Diamonds * A-4 t
  13. I knew this similar citation from the Po City bar scene in the Flight of the Intruder, but with some rather... relaxed language 😁.
  14. Bienvenue, mon cher compatriote ! Or "Greetings, fellow countryman", for those who don't understand french .
  15. Even if it it's not complete and would need a serious restoration effort put into it, it's a lovely USN helmet with a neat taping job. I particularly love the Texas-taped shape and longhorn skull, pretty iconic of that state indeed 😄. The shell and visor housing seem in good shape, you'd just need to clean them gently and a few spare parts to add, and it would quite easily regain its past glory (depends on what level of restoration you're thinking about, though). First, I can tell you this is indeed an APH-6D, for the absorbing styrene liner is made of 2 parts, con
  16. Thanks for your comments gentlemen . To my knowledge, Mac, USN "HM-" mine warfare squadrons were only equipped with MH-53 Sea Dragon helicopters (and still are if I'm not mistaken) ; that would make SPH-3s helmets much more relevant to me for that era, even if I've seen very few APH-6s reportedly used in rotary wing squadrons (built-in bayonet receivers were obviously useless in choppers, and the energy absorbing liner / sound protection requirements weren't the same as for SPH models). That said, I'm rather positive this one is a fixed wing aircraft helmet given
  17. Less than 2 months after I posted this thread, and thanks to the kindness of Bradford here that sent me the bracket I was hopelessly looking for, my APH-6C set restoration is finally complete. Pictures speak louder than words, so here you go . A very satisfying sight indeed ! Cheers to all ! - Vark_07
  18. I eventually recieved the boom mic assembly from a famous aviation parts' US dealer yesterday. As you may notice, it happened to be exactly the same model as shown on the old pictures I dug on the web, which I was not so sure about when I placed my order ! To whom it may concern, and for reference purposes, here's the list of the featured parts : C-shaped bracket : MT-522A/U microphone : M-95B/UR boom assembly : M-96B/A cord : U-173/U I'll be posting soon a few pictures of the fitted bracket and the whole completed helmet . Cheers !
  19. After further searching, it occured to me that the GQ letter code after the MBEU part number may coincide with the Martin-Baker Mk.7, which was actually called GQ-7(A) when it equipped F-104Gs. Now that I've dug that additional information, I'm 90% sure that the seller's allegations should be correct, and that this safety pin was indeed used in a NATO Starfighter seat in the early 80's. I'm not affirming "west german" though, for many european countries operated this plane at that time, but the odds are pretty high considering the item's location. Thanks again for your input, Chris, it re
  20. Much appreciated . Thanks to you, I've learnt a lot and made up my mind about what we know for sure, and what will remain uncertain or questionable about this helmet. If others want to share their opinion, by all means they are welcome !
  21. Duly noted, no problem . I'm pretty much a beginner in the fligh helmet collectors' community (live in France, only own five, all reviewed here), so my goal on this forum is to share as much as I can find by myself, and confront this to the knowledge of you expert members in the US. Even if that means sometimes a little disappointment. Unless they're fully named / labelled and historically accurate, I tend to think it is really common to see these kind of mysterious, probably mixed (and somewhat questionnable) sets on the market. Not to mention the faked or misidentified ones (I spot so
  22. I simply trust what I've read on best-of-flightgear.dk, check the very bottom of this page for further explainations. However, as you pointed out, it sure is a custom ordered helmet especially made fo the T-birds (from Protection Inc.) . I've taken pictures of the inside with the earcups removed, the female velcro patches and black-painted liner masks most of the inner shell, but a few things actually appear more clearly : the rough aspect of the inner shell shows evidence of a previous liner that was taken off the shell, with a lot of glue (and/or ?) putty remain
  23. You're absolutely right, I had noticed that too, but forgot to mention it in the review (should have, though). Everything else fits perfectly to the 22/P - 26/P standards and characteristics. On a side note, I've seen pictures of very few custom fit 2A/P without these grommets and stud, for instance one of the Thunderbirds' (photo link). As a modeller, I'm wondering if these holes, when rendered useless by the latest communication headsets, could have just been filled with putty, sanded, and then painted with the whole shell before being issued. It's a wild guess, but that w
  24. Greetings everyone ! Today I'll be reviewing this HGU-26/P set (with green MBU-12/P) who belonged to an F-15 driver of the 67th Fighter Squadron "Fighthing Cocks" during the 80's, just before the introduction of the HGU-55/P. First, a little History : based at Kadena AB, Okinawa (Japan) and showing the tailcode "ZZ", the 18th Tactical Fighter Wing's pilots of 67th and 44th FS have flown F-15C/D Eagles from September 1979 to present, providing air superiority over South-East Asia and the Pacific region ever since. The helmet is a fully grey-painted HGU-
  25. "Life's like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get". Well, thanks to an incredibly kind donation from a member of this forum (Wayward Son - thank you again so much !), the long-searched and dreamed boom C-shaped mount flew all the way across the Atlantic to help me complete my helmet's restoration (see "issues & restoration" in the first post). It was in perfect condition, aside from a light verdigris corrosion I was easily able to remove using a quick vinegar bath. A gentle WD-40 spray in the rail axis to make it rotate like new, and
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