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  1. Looks nice indeed, Blitz ! Are the ANVIS mount and its battery pack the airsoft reproductions I advised you two weeks ago ? Or is this the real deal ? Whichever they are, the helmet's appearance has improved greatly .
  2. Greetings everyone ! Today I'm introducing you this restored US Navy APH-5 set from the second half of the 50's. Pilot and squadron are unknown, so as always, any hypothesis is welcome (although I think it's a tough one) ! The helmet is an early version APH-5 made by MSA between 1956 and 57 (according to my searches), as attested by the oxygen mask leather tabs connectors (+Y-yoke mask retention), external blackish chinstrap, and a 3-part sponge rubber lining. Contract number might help dating the batch more precisely (see MSA decal below). However, it's saf
  3. Heck, I misread the inverted "9" from 89, it's actually a 6. So the mask shows 86-87-88. I didn't know that the time stamp was only to show the year of manufacturing, I had a picture in my mind that it was showing a "period of use", after which it had to be replaced. You learn something new everyday ! Anyway, there is indeed some sort of dot next to 86. Here you go, and thanks for your comment .
  4. Thanks for your comments, gentlemen . I was expecting this too, for all the recent (circa 2000 and beyond) pictures of inspection labels I've seen on the web feature a year (if sticker there is, of course). Nevertheless, I've actually seen a few older pictures (from the 70's to 90's on MBU-5P and MBU-12 mostly) with just the month and day. Perhaps they were checking masks more than once per year at that time ? Anyway, here are two example I've quickly dug out. Neither did I, that's what I found very interesting in it ! From what you're sa
  5. Greetings everyone ! Today I'll be introducing you this HGU-55/P set from the early nineties, not as colorful as its older counterparts I posted before, but it deserves to be shared nonetheless. The helmet is named and belonged to an USAF officer : Major MARTIN. It was sold as an F-16 pilot set, but I honestly have no way to assess the truthfulness of this information, so the plane type he flew shall remain a question mark. It is a "classic" (all-grey) HGU-55/P made by Gentex, dated 1992, with two separate visors (clear and dark), the bonus of this grouping being a nice leather
  6. The last series of numbers match exactly the ones from both tags you've shared, so I'm positive it's the same kind of carry bag. However, CON. NO. 7317 (contract number ?) is unique, so is the absence of the manufacturing company.
  7. I took the bag out of storage this evening to double-check, and so here comes the tag inside. As you cas see, it's quite different from the ones you've posted. No visible date like I previously wrote, but maybe the contract numbers will help identify its type ?
  8. No arguing here, I'd do the same too . The tricky part is now "how to display this set ?", for it's not as decorative in the bag as a fully assembled helmet. Do you have any idea in mind, Chris ?
  9. What a damn nice find you got there ! I've seen unissued shells from time to time in auctions, but never in the bag, nor with the whole package, so IMO that's a lucky score. That is also neat to know you should have to assemble it yourself from the beginning, rig it to your liking, or, as we say in France : "you'd start from a blank page". Or perhaps would you prefer to let it remain in its original untouched unassembled state ? Both options are worth considering.
  10. Indeed it does !! At least I have confirmation that it really came from a NATO jet aircraft of that time (which is great news for the military aviation enthusiast I am). So it could, as the seller claims, have in fact belonged to a Luftwaffe F-104G, or on a more pragmatic view, whichever NATO aircraft based in West Germany in the early eighties (USAF-E, for instance - in Ramstein, Spangdahlem, etc.). Many thanks Chris, that was very helpful .
  11. Thank you folks, that's interesting to learn . Forgot to post the back taping at night, here you go :
  12. Just a couple more pics I did not put in the main post . I'm sorry about their quality, just like the others they are intentionally downgraded in order to comply with the 150kb rule.
  13. Greetings everyone ! I bought this cool "Remove before flight" dual bypass pin on a german online military surplus (for decorative purpose). It's dated August 1982, measures approximately 32 inches, letters are painted with white stencil, and as you can see in the photo montage, the sewed label is written in english (with ASSY number). Although it was sold as issued on Luftwaffe F-104G Starfighters, honestly I cannot find any clue or photos that could relate this particular pin to the "missile with a man in it". I'm positive it's not the one from the pitot tube, wing edges protections,
  14. Indeed (and alas), considering the huge ammount of APH-6s I found on the web featuring these kind of markings (only the more remarkable / coolest I put on the photo montage), this is my guess too.
  15. Thanks for your reply. I checked everything I could find on US Navy VT-squadrons, especially their emblemas, but no noticeable symbol (diamonds / "sun") that could be related to my helmet showed up. White / red geometric taping being incredibly common in USN / USMC units on APH-6s of this era (see the photo montage I did below), the ID task is sure tricky. On a side note, looking at pilots inside their T-28s / T-34s / T-2s etc. during this search (for pictures of Navy VT-squadron helmets alone are so hard to find), I remarked that almost every helmet in training squadrons -and man
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