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  1. wool will tend to ball/pill up if you do that. It wont tend to shrink evenly to a perfect smaller scale and still look normal.
  2. Be sure to use acid free paper to back it- and UV glass. My other interest is movie posters, and I have seen some really nice ones wrecked by incorrect framing. Its really not any more expensive but will be a service to the art you are displaying
  3. I should have waited for all the pics to download.- good gosh that green color. Thankfully these never happened
  4. wow- is that 70s or what? sorry- I couldn't handle the ruffles, the Army should be different from Pan-Am!
  5. I really like the display. Gives me some ideas for my WAC/ANC tags
  6. very nice- my grandma had hers engraved I think after the war as its fairly fancy hand done.
  7. I know I am late to the game on this one, but there are a LOT of swing dance groups/clubs that always try and wear as authentic as possible clothing. I know its rough with covid now, but when things free up I bet if you looked around/google swing dances you could find buyers. I have plenty on hand- otherwise I would say send me a list! Its also tough given 40s vs 2020 um..."figures" some women I know have a tough time finding/understanding the sizes we need
  8. I think its so important now that this generation is sadly aging and passing on that we recognize and hold their uniforms and groups with the same esteem we seem to have for WW2 items. I have always thought VN war stuff is interesting.
  9. Grandma was UK, France and Germany worked as switchboard operator. Her older sister worked as a stenographer/records clerk in Washington and UK. Their records have been lost and sadly by the time I began to ask questions as a teenager my aunt has died and grandma has began to suffer Alzheimers. She did recall being under shellfire in France on a couple of occasions.
  10. Thank you! yes I have been trying to find time to look around. Much of my collection is in storage due to lack of space at the moment-but hoping to contribute some soon!
  11. Thanks for sharing! I will post some of my collection soon, I am new to the group but this is right up my alley!
  12. Hello everyone! Female collector/researcher interested in the history and uniforms and equipment of the Women's Army Corps/Nurse Corps from 1942-45. Have a family connection (grandmother and great aunt) who served overseas in Europe during the war. My grandfather was also a Battle of the Bulge/ Battle of Germany veteran so also interested in the stories and ephemera associated with that.
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