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    In the South of the Netherlands.
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    The Battle of the Bulge and especially the 28th ID and also the Dutch resistance organization in hiding and the armed resistance during WWII.

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  1. The guy asks a 1000 euros. I don't mind that the helmet or the liner aren't perfect. The only thing i wanne know if it's original, then for me personal the helmet is worth buying.
  2. Hey Everyone, I'm new here and this is also my first post, i started collecting about 6 months ago. I collect US uniforms and helmets from units who were fighting in the Battle of the Bulge. I found this helmet (see pics) the liner is a westinghouse. I asked a friend about the paint on it and he's not sure if it's original. So my question can anyone tell me if the paint is original and advice me if i should buy this helmet or not. Thank you in advance.
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