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  1. Yup that's the plan. I've already got some stuff ordered. Did they not use helmet nets in the KW? All the pictures I ever see are just plain pots. Yup got a cover on the way for that one. I'll get a picture of them when they are done. After these three I just need to find a PASGT to go along with my ACH
  2. That's what I thought they did too when they repainted them. That's good to know though. Thanks
  3. So this is where I'm confused. The FS on the right next, to the RS on the left (darker), is apple colored and Vietnam? So would the Front seam have been painted in Vietnam or same color that was used in ww2? I'm not sure if a certain. Shade was used throughout ww2 or they just used what they had and called it good. Maybe I'm being picky but I just want to make sure that I display the correct helmet for the correct war. Or nobody will ever be able to tell the difference and I'm overthinking it.
  4. I totally understand that. If I had super sentimental or rare one, I wouldn't even be touching them. These are not that. I got all three for $55. Totally get it though. The paint looks the same throughout the shell.The cork just looks to even and new I guess. Maybe unissued or just lightly used I guess. I didn't realize that they repainted them for KW darker. Thanks for the info
  5. Welcome to the forum I guess lol. I work full time for the National Guard and these are going to become display pieces for my office (ww2, Korea, vietnam) Nobody is ever going to see the inside but me. I also paid less than $100 for all three of the helmets. It's not a big deal to me that they show. I appreciate the opinions though. That said. I would still appreciate thoughts on the OP and colors difference or wrong color
  6. Hey everyone. Just bought a couple of M1 helmets and needs some help on a couple. First one is a front seam, swivel bail but seems to have the apple color pain on it. Heat stamp of 1108F. DO you guys think this was repainted or original color paint? Cork is large and not sand. Second picture i have it next to my Vietnam era M1. seems to be the same color Next helmet (3rd pic next to front seam) is a rear seam, swivel bail with original ww2 chin strap. Cork has been worn out on top but still has large cork on sides. This one is a lot darker than the others. Is this a Ko
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