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  1. That is truly upsetting news, I spoke with him a couple months ago, as a young guy who never met him I was appreciative that he took time to take my call, I actually just sent him a letter no less then 2 weeks ago. RIP Bill
  2. Sent you a PM about the 3rd Armored grouping.

  3. Kind of an odd request but was curious if there are any WWII vets on here or any that people know still around that would be willing to talk for a couple minutes? All of my relatives of WWII have passed and would like to just reach out and speak to as many as I can, I know there are not alot of the greatest generation left, whatever anybody can do would be much appreciated!
  4. Does anyone have the rosters for the 84th ID during WWII?
  5. Was wondering how do you guys store your WW2 uniforms? Luckily Ive never had moths or anything I store just in garment bags?
  6. Do you still have the 86th ID grouping?

  7. Richard W. Chipman, K/3/3, I started searching and didnt realize how far back I went, I was wondering about that one of any other groupings you had maybe FS?

    If you dont mind emailing me dbyounkin16@yahoo.com? Im a new member so Im only allowed to reply a couple times per day.

  8. Hello thanks for replying, I read about his passing sometime after getting the grouping, its very unfortunate, It was first grouping I bought so i set up a display, I was curious if you wanted to actually sell the discharge paperwork by any chance?


    Im a new member so for some reason I have post limits

  9. I sent you a message about Cpl John Delaney, I acquired his grouping from IMA

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