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  1. Thank you for your advice ! This is my fit wearing it And im not doing something stupid to the jacket, just let it be in the original conditions.
  2. It took me awhile to find those picture with Stamped USAF in it. I'm thinking to remove the master sergeant patches so i can use this regulary. What are you think of it? And do you have another picture? Anyway, Thank your for sharing !!
  3. This is my M50 Field Jacket. RICHARD MFG. CORP. Tactical Air Command Air Force Master Sergeant Stamped USAF and Name Tape In Small-Short and very good condition. Can someone elaborate more? Thanks
  4. So i've decided to I take a gamble on this one... Sorry for the crappy pic above, it's from the seller. Now please take a look at my photos.. My guess is it's an original heavy-customized jungle fatigue , but i dont know which type or DSA number. From the sewing marks, i noticed that it still has a original stitching (double, in green thread) also a white stitch (added later on) Note that marked size is Medium-Long but fits as Small-Reg. What do you guys think? Pocket has /\ shape stitching (pattern 2) V-gussets on sleeves Both check pockets has pen pockets
  5. Another pic provided.. Getting confused Correct double-stitch (Pattern 2) No gas-flap
  6. Hi! I'm, as i know the jungle fatigue have 3 different pattern. This one happens to be 2nd pattern (not-exposed button, have epaulets & waist tab) However, i have some issues : 1) Missing the big tags on the left side. (Can't search the contract number) 2) The epaulets looks quite odd. From what i search it should be have a "X" in the eupaulets stiching. 3) The waist tab replacement is wrong (reversed). (from internet i saw 2 pattern the button should be sewn into side seams) in this one, the Tab sewn into side seams (please refer to pic) 3) The size also w
  7. Hi all, thank you for letting me join this forum. Been collecting outerwear around 4 years now, mostly in heritage workwear such as Levi's, Vetra, Le Laboureur, Barbour, Baracuta. But in these past few months, have been very interested in Military Jackets. Luckily, I'm able to collect a few jackets for myself. Some of them are 1st pattern M65, 3rd pattern jungle fatigue, few OG-107 (type II and III) Currently been looking for 1st pattern jungle fatigue (since the 2nd pattern is sky-rocketing in price), 1st pattern OG-107, maybe 1943/50 Jacket. In
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