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  1. Thanks for the responses guys.....With the Renaissance wax do you apply it to the leather of the metal?
  2. The second knife down is a pal USMC knife and the finish is almost perfect and the handle is solid.....There just seems to be a powdery/dusty substance all over the blade and in all the little books and crannies......I know if I could clean it up it would display great.....also this is just a temporary means of displaying the knives....I’m fairly new to the collecting game........
  3. The single red spacer models all had thin pommels to the best of my knowledge and the spacer is actually 2 pieces......
  4. I have a decent collection of WWII/Korean war/Vietnam era ka bars and some of them have dust/dirt built up and minor spots of surface rust....I’m not looking to do anything drastic but are there any products I could use to wipe the blades down to protect them and beyond the metal anything I could use to clean the leather handles without altering them? Also my early WWII knives are blued so I don’t want to put anything on there that could remove blueing.....Generally I wouldn’t clean relics but this is very minor and I don’t think would effect the value or alter the knives in any way, plus I w
  5. The leather on yours is a bit darker but the shape of the handle is identical ....You can also see in my pics that on a couple of worn spots a copper color comes through.......
  6. Thanks for the reply’s guys........id love to see you’re knife ifwises......and as far a Ka Bar’s with chrome plating I’ve seen them but they were earlier war models with the round tang and “Ka Bar Oleean NY “ markings on the Riccasso......
  7. Is this knife an original factory chromed ka bar or a modified knife?.....I can’t find any pictures of the “bright blades” online that are this model.....It seems a little too well done to be a user modification even though it shows a little use....Thanks in advance for the help.........John
  8. What do you guys think about this trench knife? I don’t have any red flags about it being authentic but I figured a second opinion couldn’t hurt...Thanks in advance.
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